Features for ride

We have collected a unique experience by constantly exploring, analyzing and modifying the design of our electric bikes

Full pack lights

Front turn and automatic brake lights help keep you visible on the road or in city traffic.

A powerful lantern ensures safety of movement together with navigation lights. In the dark, Delfast is ready to help you continue your journey.

Smart security system

We put convenience and safety at the heart of everything. This will allow you to experience all the advantages of a modern electric bike.

Pedal assist or full electric mode

Delfast electric bikes support several power modes, including a system that allows you to feel assistance when you push the pedals. The presence of several modes also allows you to feel all the power of the motor on the racing track and comply with the requirements of legislation in different countries.


The bike computer displays charge level and other useful information. It does not fade in the sun, and is visible in all weather conditions.

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