Amazon, pickups and city commute

In the last 5 years we’ve seen strong signals that the electric vehicles are taking over. The rise of Tesla, the introduction of electric scooters in all major cities and virtually every auto manufacturer introducing an EV model.
Now we are seeing what may be the definitive sign to where not only the transportation business, but also logistics and delivery, are going. It has been announced that Amazon will invest around 700 million dollars into an electric pickup company Rivian.
In this new EV world, what will happen to bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds? It can be argued, that we will see a completely new types of individual means of transportation – an amalgamation of all mentioned. Who wouldn’t want to cycle every day to work? Still, that may be difficult for some people, so why not have an electric motor helping you out every once in a while? More than that, zipping past the traffic jam on full throttle on a dedicated lane – that would be even better. Cities are beginning to adapt to the way we commute now. Public transportation is being emphasized, auto lanes narrowed, bike lanes built and prolonged.
City commute is typically the number one issue both for city planners and the residents. Electric bikes are the natural progression of where it is going. You rarely have more than 2 people in the car, we’re basically transporting air, which is incredibly inefficient. Yet, up until now, only few cities or countries were able to stimulate cycling as the main mode of commute. Not every city has the great urban infrastructure for cycling or simply the terrain suitable for it. However, with the electric bikes – even these burdens are alleviated. Use bike lanes for pedaling or regular lanes as a typical vehicle and overcome steep hills. Drive as a motorcyclist or pedal, as a regular rider – ebikes will have it all
We at Delfast believe that electrifying our bikes is inevitable. Join our project and be on the forefront of this transport overhaul.


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