─ What is so special about Delfast new electric bike models?

What is so special

In 2020 Delfast released three upgraded e-bikes that became the improved versions of the Prime, Top and Partner models. All of them include some similar features being developed according to the feedback Delfast received from its customers. 

Carbon belt drive

To start with, Top 3.0, Prime 2.0 and Partner 2.0 all have carbon belt drive, which is a great upgrade when comparing it with the regular bicycle chain. Delfast Chief Engineer, Serhii Goncharov, states that the chain is the major weakness of the entire e-bike construction. The regular chain’s life cycle does not exceed only few thousands kilometres. Moreover, it requires constant service and the troubling maintenance.

Top 3.0

Delfast now offers the single-speed belt construction that does not  have any kind of complications with the transmission. Therefore, with the belt drive a rider can enjoy the longer life cycle and absence of the transmission lubrication. It has the mileage up to 20 000 km and thus, has the life cycle 10 times longer than the chain in the previous Delfast e-bike models. Plus, the belt drive is lighter than the regular bike chain. The belts drive is the element of the latest most modern bicycle designs. Additionally, this type of transmission is more quiet. The rear pendulum has also been changed, making it possible to adjust the belt tension.


Prime 2.0

Delfast team of engineers did also develop the battery with the capacity boosted by 6%, thus increasing Delfast range record up to 370 km. The new battery is the 48V 70Ah 13S 20P Samsung 3500 mah with the bluetooth smart BMS.

Either Prime 2.0, Top 3.0 and Partner 2.0 also have the headlight with the low and high beam modes, which make the rides during the night time much safer, especially at the high speed. The high beam shines bright and far and in the narrow beam. This type of the headlight was added to the model with the account that Delfast e-bike will be used in the cloudy and rainy weather and in any season. 

Partner 2.0

New models have the upgraded motor 1500W QS/Torque 135 N.m, the efficiency of which has doubled. There is also the double disc front brake instead of the single disc one.

Just a reminder, that Delfast has 4 financing options for the customer to take advantage of. Those are PayPal available worldwide, Klarna and Affirm for those in the US and PayBright for Canadians. 

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