─ What is the difference between Prime and Prime 2.0?

What is the

This article is for those who are still wondering why Prime 2.0 is worth one’s attention. Prime is Delfast’s legendary model. Both our team and our clients are much proud of it. Yet, there have been some request to improve it and make the new Prime better than ever before. 

Motor. Prime 2.0 has the upgraded motor 1500W QS/Torque 135 N.m, the efficiency of which has doubled. There is also the double disc front brake instead of the single disc one.

Enjoy the new comfort from riding the new Partner 2.0 at the night time with the upgraded light system. There is now the switch from low to high beam for your safety too. 

Both new models, including Partner 2.0 and Prime 2.0, have the Carbon drive, the belt drive, with one gear chain. In case you are not aware of its benefits, the Carbon drive provides the quiet ride, can be easily washed with water and does not require the frequent technical service. With all these said, it has the 20 000 km mileage and can, therefore, serves 10 times longer than the previous type of chain. 

Color is something Delfast also paid attention to when creating new e-bike model. The new color palette has now the matte option for you to choose from. Satine is still available too. 

Last, but not least, is the battery. Prime’s 2.0 battery capacity has been boosted by 6%, thus increasing Delfast range record up to 370 km. The new battery is the 48V 70Ah 13S 20P Samsung 3500 mah with the bluetooth smart BMS.

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