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Here are some common questions about Delfast bikes

Battery & Charge

A: We use reliable, US-made batteries (48V 64Ah 13S12P Boston Swing Bluetooth BMS). Under the right operating conditions, they’re capable of withstanding up to 3000 charge cycles! Is it a lot? About three times more than typical electrobikes. Partial charge / discharge, for example, up to half "spend" only half a cycle. Don’t overcool the bike, use reasonable care while driving and jumping in rough terrain and it will last you a long time without the need to replace the battery or general maintenance.

A: Delfast electric bikes support several power modes, including a system that allows you to feel assistance when you push the pedals. The presence of several modes also allows you to feel all the power of the motor on the racing track and comply with the requirements of legislation in different countries.

Yes, indeed. We made a 380-km journey from Kyiv on a single charge without pedaling and recorded the journey on two GoPro cameras. You may find our time-lapse video above on the Kickstarter page. Also, we're going to establish a World Record in the very near future and we’ll fill in our supporters on when and where it’ll be done.

Yes, Delfast has regenerative braking.

No. You don’t need to remove the battery from the frame to charge it.

In the US, where KW/hour electricity costs about 12 cents, the cost of recharging Delfast battery to cover 13,500 miles (average yearly distance covered by average American citizen by car per year) would cost about 24 bucks a year.


Our application is constantly being improved upon and available for Android and ios platforms. With the application, GPS tracking is available. You can also see the rest of the battery charge and switch speed modes using your smartphone. Connection with bikes is conducted through Bluetooth.

We integrated pedal-assist mode and a speed/power limit of 25 km/h/250W to meet the standards of EU legislation. From the other side, our bikes have a 'no limits' mode for those people who would prefer to use our eco-friendly transport and want to register the bike as a motor vehicle. For offroad areas one can ride 25+ km/h

Yep, we will deliver bikes to Australia, Kazakhstan or any other country.

Delfast electric bikes can be registered.

One size fits most. The Delfast frame can be adjusted to fit you, your friends or your family members.

Yes. No exceptions.

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