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Delfast Inc warranty

What does our extended warranty cover?

  • Free repairs for defective materials and manufacturing defects
  • Replacements with free shipping & no fees if the defective materials or manufacturing defects cannot be repaired
  • Issues with attached parts, like the battery pack and the bike fram
  • Shipping damage (The Company will not accept shipping damage claims later than 10 days from receipt of the product).
  • 12 months extended coverage past the first-year warrant

What are our terms and agreement?

Please follow this link to see our full terms and agreement: Terms of Service

How do I sign up for the Delfast extended warranty plan?

It’s nice and simple, all you need to do is add our warranty extension plan to your cart at the checkout by selecting ‘Extended Warranty! After you purchase our extended warranty, you will receive an email from one of our experienced sales representatives who will confirm your order. Your warranty will begin, as soon as you receive your bike.

Once you have completed your order, you can create an account, which will give you full access to your customer dashboard where you’ll be able to view your plan details and full contract terms and file a claim if needed

How do I file a claim?

It is easy to file a claim with Delfast, simply by talking to a representative through your customer dashboard or you can contact your customer support team from 6 am to 8 pm PST at [email protected] or by calling 213 933 2123

Electric Bike Delfast Top 3.0

One charge range
*in ideal conditions
Max speed
Peak Torque


With unrivaled power and record-breaking range, the all-terrain Top 3.0 eBike is the perfect crossover EV for both work and play.

  • Carbon belt drive transmission delivers optimal performance
  • Bike controller secured in protective casing
  • High-performing hydraulic disc brakes provide more powerful and effortless braking
  • LED high and low beam headlights, and LED brake lights
  • Dual front LED turn signals (located on mirrors) and rear turn signals
  • Bike alarm system provides security no matter where the road takes you
  • Quick start push ON/OFF button
  • Enduro 2.75-19 motorcycle tires take you over any terrain
  • Reliable bluetooth connection with off-grid

Speed + Driving Modes

This bike comes shipped to you as a street legal Class 2 eBike with validation sticker - powering up to 750W and traveling up to 20 mph. If you want to take it off road and off paved, city streets, you can unleash its full power in Unlimited Mode. No license plate or special license needed.

Speed Modes:
Limited (750W, 15 mph max)
Eco (750W, 20 mph)
Unlimited (3000W, 50 mph)
Driving Modes:
Pedal Only
Pedal Assist

*To be considered a Class 2 bike, you must ride it in Limited or Eco Mode and put it into Throttle Driving Mode.


The bike’s motor is capable of accelerating 3000W, withstanding its peak load of 6000W*. Known for its crossover versatility, Top 3.0 delivers top performance on rural countryside roads and trails, and is a reliable commuter for traveling around the city. Its pedal-assist mode easily handles hilly or mountain-like terrain, so when you don’t feel like doing all the work, no problem - this bike was built to handle it.


If you’re looking for something universal, built for all roads, and absolutely reliable, this electric bike is the right choice for any terrain, in any season.

TOP 3.0 is a reliable mode of transportation for challenging conditions, and provides the option to travel a long range with its battery capacity (estimated for 100,000 miles and guaranteed for up to 500 charging cycles - which is up to 3000 cycles of battery life max). Top 3.0’s upgraded battery (72V 48Ah Li-ion battery with battery management system) provides greater current flow, which allows for the use of a new 72V 60A controller and a more powerful motor with the torque reaching 182 Nm. Your electric bike will deliver the power to keep going even in the roughest terrain. Additionally, the brakes have been upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes with a 203mm disc on each wheel. This new brake system doesn’t overheat while stopping the ebike at high speed.

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike can be used as an offroad bike as well as a city ebike. It has been upgraded with a KKE front fork, with a 203mm stroke, which creates the sense of a true motorcycle ride. Besides high cross-country ability, its long-range battery will perfectly serve you in the city, no matter how many miles you need to ride.


There are truly so many reasons to buy a Top 3.0 eBike. You’ll save a ton on gasoline, you’ll be minimizing your carbon footprint, you can skip ahead of traffic jams in the bike lane… and all of this with an ebike payment plan that starts at only about $153/month!

Don’t wait. Contact our Sales Department today to get started building your uniquely designed Top 3.0 ebike, according to your preferred configuration.

High-strength tubular steel spatial frame
  • Front Fork: KKE fork with 203 mm stroke
  • Rear Shock: DNM RCP-2S (1000 lbs)
72V 48Ah LG 3200mAh cells Lithium battery with bluetooth smart BMS for 100A
QS 205 V3, IP54 protection, main power 3000W (peak power might reach to 6000W). Torque: 182N.m
Power Transmission
Carbon drive (belt drive) with one gear
80/100-19" (motorcycle tires)
200F-180R with 203 mm disks (2pcs)
Colorful display with USB port
Seat tube
Manual adjustable seat post
Front light (with the ability to switch to high and low beam) + rear light
84V 9A (110V-220V)
  • 72V 60A:
  • 1) PAS/Throttle
  • 2) ECO/CITY/Unlimit
  • 3) Recuperation
Extras included
  • Moto wheels
  • Rear mirrors with turning lights
  • Fenders (front and rear)
  • Bike seat and seat post
  • Bluetooth
  • Keychain
  • Start/Stop button
  • Remote launch
  • Alarm
  • Motor blocking
Payment & Financing Options

You can pay for your new eBike via credit card, direct bank transfer, Delfast’s Pay Over Time layaway plan, PayPal, or with credit installment plans offered by Klarna or Affirm. For more information on our payment options, click here.

Note: For all of these payment options, your order will not be sent to production until you have paid for at least 50% of the ebike.
Manufacturing and Delivery

Manufacturing can take up to 8 weeks, but there are many options available.

Orders of stock Top 3.0 bikes placed in the US will be shipped within 1 week and delivered within 2-3 weeks (approximately)

We can deliver door-to-door* to customers in the following countries:

Continental US, Hawaii, Germany, Hungary, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Finland, Greece, UK, Ukraine.

In Canada we can deliver door-to-door in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, and Mississauga. For other locations, extra charges may apply.

Delivery for customers from other countries is carried out to the nearest to the customer port**.

*Door-to-door delivery follows DDP terms (as per international terms of trade Incoterms®). In addition to the cost of the ebike, customers from the United States will pay $400 for shipping and customers from the continental EU will pay €800 for shipping. Customers outside the USA and EU, and for residents of Hawaii, the shipping cost could be up to $1100.

**Delivery to port follows CFR terms (as per international terms of trade Incoterms®), i.e. goods are delivered to the port with freight charges paid by Delfast and all local fees and import formalities (including customs clearance with payment of required charges, duties, and/or taxes) are paid by the customer.

Order confirmation

After you have paid through self checkout, your personal Sales Manager will get in touch via email and/or phone to confirm your order. Upon confirmation, and 50% of your bike payment being received, your order will be transferred to production.

buy ebike
Note: If you order from pre-assembled stock and pay in full, we will get your order ready for shipment ASAP.
Order tracking

After your order has been placed, your personal Sales Manager and Customer Care Support Managers will keep you informed about your order status on a regular basis.

Delivery of additional items

You can order additional items (aka parts) for your ebike, and add them to your active order, up until the time your order is shipped.

Total price: $ 5499
deliveryETA:2024 March
Total price:
$ 5499
Delfast Top 3.0 base price
| details
Base includes:
- Rear mirrors with turning lights;
- Fenders (Front + Rear)
$ 5499
1. Frame Cover Color: Black | change
$ 0
Choose Tires
2. Tires: 19" Moto Tire Set | change
$ 0
3. Saddles: Standard | change
$ 0
4. Side boxes: No boxes | change
$ 0
5. Bike Accessories: | change
$ 0
6. Warranty: 1 Year
$ 0
Protect Your Product What's Covered
Fast repairs, fast replacement, no fees
1 Year
$ 0
2 Year
$ 329
deliveryETA:2024 March
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Automatic calculation of the delivery of spare parts separately from the ebike is possible within the US only.

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