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Search results

How reliable is my bike’s battery?

Your bike comes equipped with a 72V 48Ah 3200mAh Li-ion battery with Bluetooth module - which means you can check battery status from your smartphone anytime. Check things like the battery’s capacity and other specifications.

The batteries we use can withstand up to 3,000 charge cycles. In case you’re wondering how much that is…. well, let’s just say that 500 cycles is more than enough for a year and a half of cycling, if you go for a daily ride.

How do I test my eBike's battery?

Our eBike batteries have a Bluetooth controller installed, meaning you can easily download an app for your Android device and check your battery performance: click here You’ll need a password to establish a Bluetooth connection between your Android device and your electric bike battery ‒ usually, it’s 123456 by default.

Make sure you run the inspection without a charger plugged in and within Bluetooth range of 4 feet. What you’re hoping for is that every parameter in your app (after inspection) is lit green. If something is red or white, you need to take your battery to the service center.

What are your warranty terms?

Delfast’s warranty lasts 2 years and covers the bike’s main parts: frame, battery, and motor. It’s important that you register your bike once you receive it to activate this warranty. For more warranty information (or to register your bike), click here.

How to register my eBike for a warranty?

Find the serial number on your bike frame (hint: it’s underneath the left side cover). Next, follow the instructions from the Bike Assembly Guide we shipped with your electric bike. If you can’t locate it, or need more information, just give us a call. Contact our Support team by clicking here.

What are your return and refund terms?

You can request a refund immediately after you’ve placed your order and up until 14 days after the day you received the bike.

You can also request a refund within 7 days from the date of order placement for a 100% refund. (We, of course, hope it doesn’t come to this.) For more information on refunds click here.

How can I complete warranty covered exchange?

Please click here to contact our Support team if you have experienced any technical malfunctions with your Delfast eBike. We’ll work with you to get your bike back up, running, and online before beginning the return process.

What can I do if my eBike gets damaged?

Your eBike is built to last. In case it needs some support, we have Dealers and support locations located around the world. Please click here to contact our Support team and we’ll connect you with the closest resource.

How can I talk to customer support?

To talk to our Support team, click here.

How long will I have to wait?

At this time, each Delfast eBikes is made to order and so usually takes 8-10 weeks to produce and 8-12 weeks to ship via sea freight. Please contact the Delfast Sales team for a more specific estimate, depending on your customizations and location:

What is your shipping policy?

We choose to use sea freight instead of air shipping for both its cost savings and lesser impact on the environment. In addition, electric bikes are prohibited from taking to the skies because they contain hazardous battery material not allowed on airplanes. You can learn more about eBike shipping by contacting our Sales team:

Why is shipping cost calculated separately?

For now, our Delfast ebikes are shipped from overseas, so we have to account for shipping costs. We choose to charge each consumer for shipping to their location instead of increasing the cost of the product across the board. Stay tuned for news about dealers opening in your area.

Do you deliver eBikes to Australia, Kazakhstan, or any other country?

Yes, we do. Check here for the list of countries we ship to,or contact our Sales representatives to find out more:

What are your estimated production & delivery times?

It takes us 8-10 weeks to manufacture an eBike and 8-10 additional weeks to deliver it. We appreciate your patience and look forward to building your custom bike!

How can I order accessories for my eBike?

We have an official online store for eBike parts and accessories. You can buy spare parts there or find eBike accessories that you’ll come to count on.

How can I buy an eBike?

Great question! You can purchase your Delfast eBike on our website or directly reach out to our Sales team at +1(925) 384-2010 or [email protected].

We have lots of financing options to buy an ebike for you if you are looking for a more flexible payment plan that works for your lifestyle. Find all contact options here

How much does an electric bike cost?

As of January 2022, our TOP 3.0 model costs $6,599 for US clients and 6,599 euros for international clients. Pricing and financing may be increasing as the supply chain has gotten much more expensive in the last year. To check the latest price, visit the Top 3.0 product page, or get in contact with us.

Note that the price listed above applies to the base configuration, no customizations. If you’d like to add features or upgrade components, you can customize your eBike before placing your order.

How can I talk to your sales department?

To talk to our Sales team, click here.

Should I get an eBike or non-electric bicycle?

Compared to a conventional bicycle, an eBike is faster and more sophisticated. The most obvious difference is that when riding a bicycle, you’re doing all the work yourself. An eBike gives you the option of doing that, but you can also choose to give yourself a break and let the eBike do all the work instead.

The two biggest other differences of electric bikes vs regular bikes are higher cost and a heavier weight. In comparison to conventional bicycles, e-bikes tend to be more expensive due to having electrical parts and high-end software. Consider the cost savings you’ll get in switching from gasoline to electric when considering buying an eBike. Cost savings are incredible.

In terms of a heavier weight, you can blame that on the electric motor and battery. This could be considered an inconvenience if you plan to lift your eBike on and off a rack, frequently, but it shouldn’t be a deterrent.

What are the technical specs of a Delfast eBike?

The current TOP 3.0 model has a one-charge range of 200 mi / 321 km, max speed of 50 mph / 80 kph, weighs 154 lbs / 70 kg, and has a load capacity of 265 lbs/120 kg. You can find out more about TOP 3.0 specifications on the product page.

Are your bikes equipped with a pedal-assist system?

Yes! Use Delfast’s Pedal Assist System (PAS) to make your rides easier. And if you don’t know what pedal assist is on an eBike, we’ve got you covered. Read here.

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