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TOP is designed for speed and torque

Electric Bike Delfast Top 2.0


TOP is designed for speed and torque

One charge range 174 mi 280 km
Max speed 50 mph 80 km/h
Weight (w/o rider) 158 lbs 72 kg
Normal load capacity 298 lbs 135 kg

Delfast TOP 2.0 is the model with the highest speed in our lineup. Its speed can reach up to 50 miles per hour.

TOP2.0 is the recently updated and improved version of of Delfast TOP. The new engine of the Delfast Top 2.0 model can accelerate up to 5000 W* and can reach maximum speed much faster than the Delfast Top version. Second significant upgrade is double hydraulic brakes Tektro HD-E525 203 mm/8 in. Braking performance improved by 28% compared to the previous model, despite the fact that the weight has increased slightly.

This powerful and stable bike is perfect for you if you like trips out of town. It easily handles hilly or mountainous terrain. Comfort of movement is provided by front and rear shock absorbers. The design of the bike has been tested in various weather situations. TOP2.0 is powerful, yet economical, crammed with new technologies and easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for the best electric bike for travelling and off-road driving, choose the Delfast TOP2.0.

The modular design of the bike allows you to customize it at the request of the user: put stock forks of any level, replace the saddle of your favorite manufacturer for yourself, put other grips. As a result, you will get a unique bike with all your needs in mind, which will serve you for decades.

A few words about security systems: the bike is equipped with a GPS sensor that allows the owner of the bike to track all his movements, an immobilizer in the rear wheel, an alarm system with motion sensors, a button / key fob start, a mobile application for easy and clear control and condition monitoring bike.

Our engineers thoroughly worked on the main structural elements: the torsional rigidity of the frame and the maximum load due to the use of a new steel alloy were increased, the battery compartment was improved due to the use of new technologies for soldering fuel cells, and a new controller was used that optimizes the operation of all components. Thanks to this, operational efficiency increased by almost a quarter.
An important safety feature has become mirrors with double (on the external and internal surfaces) by turn signal repeaters, allowing the rider to control the flow of signals to neighbors in the stream.

Want to customize the frame color, сhange the standard configuration, choose some premium parts for your e-bike? Use the customizing options or ask our managers.

What we would recommend to upgrade in this model is the seatpost. You can order the automatically adjustable hydraulic seat for your comfort in rides.

We also recommend you to order additional extras (tires or wheels) when ordering the bike. You won’t need to pay for their delivery additionally – you’ll get them with the bike.

Please keep in mind that the basic configuration includes bicycle wheels. If you order an electric bike more for off-road driving, we recommend ordering all-terrain tires.

Need any financing options?
Get in touch with our managers at [email protected] or in chat below to get your personal installment plan.

You are here and still doubt it? Remind, how much you spend on gasoline, and calculate the savings! With Delfast, you will spend about $ 16** a year on charging.

* starting power
** estimated for 9 000 miles/15 000 km

Frame Enduro
Suspension DNM RCP-2S
Seat tube Manual adjustable seat post
Batteries 72V 48Ah 20S15P Panasonic 3200mAh + bluetooth smart BMS
Charger 84V 9A (110V-220V) + waterproof gold plated connector LLT
Controller 72V 60A :
1) PAS/Throttle
2) ECO/CITY/Unlimit
3) Recuperation
Shifter + Rear Derailleur N / A (one speed)
Motor QS V2 IPX5 protection, main power 3000W, starting power 5000W
Torque: 182N·m
Brakes Double hydraulic line Tektro HD-E525 + double front 203mm brake disc
Freewheel Single Speed Freewheel 16T
Tires 80/100-19” (motorcycle tires)
Lights Front light 12V 20W + rear light 12V 3W
Signaling • Bluetooth
• Keychain
• Start/Stop button
• Remote launch
• Alarm
• Motor blocking
• GPS-tracker (without sim card)
Display Colorful display with USB port
Package may be partially different from the specified
The anticipation has been unbearable I'm not built for this hahaha. Can't wait to see my vid.

+ Advantages:

- Weakness:

Adam Botelho, Canada
This bike runs like a beast. The acceleration is smoooooooooth from stop when using the throttle. I treat this bike as a motorcycle and only use throttle. Haven’t tested the range yet though (where the heck am I ganna bike 100+ miles) and will update when I do.

+ Advantages:

- Weakness:

Wilson, USA
I drive TOP model in Ukraine (where actually this start-up cames from) Amazing speed and driving comfort. For my personal opinion - there is no competitors with such characteristics. Price - still is more expensive than I expected but it 100% cover all expectations.

+ Advantages:

- Weakness:

Dmytro Solovey, Ukraine
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Payment and financing options

At the moment it is possible to pay via direct bank transfer, PayPal and Stripe. You can pay in full or with an installment plan. Please, ask your personal manager for current financing options.

Note: your order will be sent to production stage only in case of 50% payment for an e-bike.

Manufacture and delivery terms

Manufacturing 10-12 weeks
Delivery up to 7 weeks

At the moment we can deliver door-to-door to the customers in following countries:
Continental US, Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto), Germany, Hungary, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Finland, Greece, UK (till UK didn’t exit the EU).
Delivery to the customers from other countries is carried out to the nearest port to the customer.

Order confirmation

After you paid for your order through checkout, your personal manager gets in touch with you via email and/or telephone and confirms the order. On confirmation your order is being transferred to production stage.

Note: If you order your Delfast from stock and pay in full, your order is getting ready for shipment ASAP, since the e-bike is ready for delivery.

Order tracking

After the order had been placed, your personal manager and customer care support managers keep on informing you on your order status on a regular basis.

Delivery of additional items

You can order additional items (extras) for your e-bike (for example, additional tires, rims, saddle etc) and add it to your current order.

Note: in case your order extras after your main order had been shipped, your extra order will be shipped with the next batch of orders and will include additional cost for delivery.


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