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Best Bike Carrier

Multiply your opportunity for adventure while traveling

*only available in the USA

Multiply your opportunity for adventure while traveling. Load up your eBike, motocross, off-road dirt bike, or scooter on this ultra-sturdy Bike Carrier. You can count on this hitch-attached bike carrier to safely and securely transport your bike when traveling to local trails or on a long distance road trip.

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Attachment fits any 2 in / 5 cm square receiver
Durable 100% steel construction
Anti-tilt locking device secures bike to prevent wobble
Loading Ramp: 38.5 x 5.5 in / 98 x 14 cm
Loading Ramp Capacity: 500 lbs / 226 kg
Weight: 55 lbs / 30 kg
Loading ramp secures to carrier when not in use
Main Hitch Tube: 18 in / 46 cm long from center of hitch pin to center of the ramp


What is a bike carrier and why would I need one?

Sure, you can load your bike into the back seat, but a bike carrier is definitely more convenient - and way less dirty. Plus, you’ll have more space inside your car for all your necessities (and maybe even some spoil-yourself luxuries). Bigger, cooler, anyone?

Seems like it will take too much time to fasten and unfasten to my car every time I need to transport. How more effort is involved?

In terms of “level of effort” regarding attachment - it usually takes less than 7 minutes. The carrier is equipped with 2 quick release locks to make assembly nice and easy. But if you plan to transport your e-bike often, just leave the carrier fastened to your car. You don’t need to worry about weather or rusting because it has a powder coating which prevents rusting.

How far can I go with it? May I use it when going far away?

Yes. The hitch carrier is built to last a lifetime. It is a very reliable and convenient means of transporting your bike as far as you need to go.

My bike is heavy. Do you think the carrier can withstand a heavier weight?

Great question! The maximum load capacity of this specific carrier is 500 lbs or 226 kg. Usually e-bikes weigh much less, but please confirm the weight of your vehicle before loading your bike.
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