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10 little-known facts about Delfast

10 little-known

Here are 10 facts about Delfast some of you may have known before and some of you may not. Anyway, we hope you can all find this information interesting.


1. Delfast emerged from the delivery business back in 2014. 

2. Delfast Prime electric bike model holds the World Guiness Record as the e-bike with the longest range ever – 230 mi or 370 km on a single charge.

3. The record breaking occured accidentaly. It was never the goal of the Delfast founders. They merely were trying to produce the electric bike that would perfectly meet the needs of their delivery services and couriers that worked for them. 

4. Delfast delivery is recognized as the fastest delivery in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The delivery is conducted within an hour or less.

5. Delfast produces electric bikes not only for B2B segment, but also for the regular clients, which is often the fairly mixed audience. There are many different electric bike models that can address different needs and preferences of a specific customer. Starting from Offroad perfect for extreme riders and hunters, to Top 2.0, fast e-bike for those travelling long distances from work to home. 

6. Delfast has customers from all over the world. We diver e-bikes to any corner of the world, not matter how far you are; either in the US, Japan, Norway, South Africa or even Australia. Your dream electric bike will definetely make it to you!

7. Delfast is in the list of the top 50 startups in Ukraine. Our team is very proud of this award and especially we are proud to represent our homecountry on the international arena. 

8. The electric bikes brand first presented itself when it launched the campaign on Kickstarter. From the moment Delfast started to exist as the electric bikes manufacturer. 

9. Delfast Offroad model is in the list of the best electric bikes of 2019, according to New Atlas. You can read about it in the following article.

10. Delfast won the Grant from the Dessault Systems, the Solidworks license,  as one of the best tech startups in the Post Soviet Union countries.

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