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It is impossible not to notice how every year, the number of electric bikes on the streets increases, but at the same time, thieves do not waste their time either. When you buy a new e-bike, the last thing you want is to notice nothing in the place where you parked your vehicle.
No matter how old we are, we always expect holiday gifts. 2023 has already passed you by, but you haven't found your ideal gift under the Christmas tree? We don't know if Santa's elves are perplexed, as it is always challenging to find a present that is both useful and unique, but we know exactly what every eBike fan desires!
Fall and winter deliver some of the prettiest sights and landscapes of the year. Why not visit them on your electric two-wheeler? Now is the perfect time to charge up your TOP 3.0i and explore some off road trails. 
We don't like stereotypes and believe that everyone can ride our eBikes, regardless of age. If you are a senior looking for a low-impact way to keep fit and active, an electric bike might be the perfect solution.
The perfect eBike for women isn’t necessarily an eBike targeted specifically towards women. The perfect women’s electric bike is one that fits and feels just right to you. We believe we’ve created that perfect combination in a commuter eBike that does it all. We designed it for everyone. But when you ride it, you’ll feel it was designed specifically for you.  
Big cities’ experience, though, has made it clear that eBikes also belong on city streets ‒ both for personal and commercial use. We’ll use the example of New York City to prove it to you. The main objection to using these vehicles commonly, as with any other electric-powered vehicle, is the charging problem. But is it really a problem, though?
A lot of bikers with a passion for mountain rides switched to electric-assist mountain bikes. This is also the case for many fans of offroad riding.  Sometimes the terrain you can meet during your offroad rides requires extra effort both from you and your two-wheeler. This is where having a full suspension electric mountain bike can come in handy.
The battery is the most crucial part of your eBike as so many other components rely on it to operate properly. Without it many of the functions you rely on would simply not work. It is also a large piece of the overall price of the eBike, so it is vital to learn proper care, storage, riding and charging habits so the battery lasts for years to come. 
Los Angeles is joining the many US cities getting more serious about the health of its residents and the earth. Designated bike lanes, new paths and trails, and eBike-friendly laws are just a few of the many reasons to make LA your next eBike destination.
Summer is the quintessential season for road trips. The US is filled with iconic destinations to explore, and many are best explored on two wheels rather than four. Might we suggest a minor edit in your road-tripping plans?
Summer is the perfect season for taking your eBike out on the trails or hitting the road. Exploring new paths, visiting picturesque sights, and enjoying the summer sunshine and clear weather are just a few of the many incentives to make sure your eBike is ready for summer.
There are plenty of bike-friendly streets and routes, and local eBike laws are very liberal. In fact, exploring NYC is way better than doing it on your feet or using public transportation.
Canada screams beautiful sights and picturesque trails. If you have an eBike, you’re lucky ‒ Canadian trails are perfect for taking a ride at any season.
This guide is breaking down eBike laws in US in alphabetical order. You’ll learn everything: registration, age restrictions, road restrictions. Power up and let’s dive into it!
Delfast eBikes suit any riding style ‒ from short commuting rides to long-distance trips. And sometimes, you have to ride fully packed. No matter how far you want to go, we’ve got everything to help you carry any cargo. Our short guide will help you pack your stuff in the most efficient way.
Winter rides are a good opportunity to see the wonders of nature in rare conditions. That doesn’t mean it will be as easy as taking your usual ride ‒ the weather directly impacts eBikes maintenance and durability.
Riding an electric bike is a great way to remain physically active. It keeps your body healthy and in good shape. What’s more, it helps to have a positive mental attitude daily. If you haven’t tried riding an e-bike yet, it is never too late to begin.
Riding an electric bicycle is a lot of fun! But you can make it even more enjoyable by equipping your two-wheeled vehicle with accessories for extra comfort and functionality. Delfast parts shop offers cool accessories to take your e-biking experience to a whole new level. The Delfast TOP 3.0 ebike is compatible with the best accessories and gadgets.
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