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5 Tips to Let e-Bikes in Your Life

5 Tips to Let

Electric bicycles should be on the list of the greatest inventions of all time! Well, we may be going a little bit overboard with our excitement. But the truth is that electric bikes are great. They are great for your health and great for the environment. And they are fun to ride. But among this plethora of two-wheelers, Delfast’s e-bikes stand out. They’re the best in terms of battery capacity and endurance, hands down!

If you don’t own an ebike yet, don’t miss out on the big fun! Join the group of happy people that enjoy riding e-bikes for leisure, sport, or commuting. If you already have a car and think you don’t need another vehicle, think twice. You don’t have to quit driving to own an e-bike. However, over time, you’ll discover the many advantages that electric bikes have over traditional cars.

Leave Your Car on the Parking Slot

To own a car used to be great some decades ago. But the attitude toward burning fossil fuels for transportation has progressively changed. Now, most of us are concerned about global warming and climate change, aren’t we?

Friendliness to the environment is not the only ebike benefit. Just leave your car in a parking lot and ride your ebike to work. No traffic jams and a good mood - isn't it a perfect start of a new day? Discover your city from new sides every time!

Why Would You Need an eBike?

So, what are these advantages? Mobility is one of them. While using public transport is an environmentally friendly solution, it is not always practical. Don’t depend on routes and public transport schedules, be free in movement! In heavy traffic, an electric bike allows you to get around the city faster.

Also, an electric bike allows you to explore the countryside. Thanks to the pedal assistance, you can go farther and faster with less effort. You can hardly do such explorations in public transport!

There are more advantages we could list. But unless you ride an e-bike, you won’t be able to grasp how beneficial these vehicles are. So, if you plan on buying your first electric bike, we have a great buyer’s guide. It will take you through the entire process of selecting the right e-bike for you.

Where to Start?

If you are considering buying an e-bike but aren’t convinced yet, we have some tips that will help to make up your mind.

  •         Money. An e-bike will help you to save tons of money. Gasoline is expensive, and its price is always going up. On top of that, you have to pay for maintenance and repairs if you own a gasoline car. Older cars require more frequent visits to the mechanic. And buying a newer model is not for everyone with current prices. In contrast, with an electric bike, you’ll save money on every ride. How much? A lot! You can save up to $2000 a year. Don’t believe it? Then, do the math. Estimate the yearly expenses of both a car and an e-bike. Now, compare them. You’ll be amazed by the result!
  •         Infrastructure. Another aspect to consider is the availability of safe infrastructure for e-bike riding. Research whether your local roads have safe lanes for cyclists. Also, get acquainted with your local legislation concerning the use of electric bikes. Make sure you qualify to ride one of these vehicles legally, as some places have age and licensing requirements.
  •         Goals. Why do you want an e-bike? The answer to this question is crucial. There are many different types of e-bikes on the market nowadays. You’ll be able to select the right one for you if you specify your needs. If you want an e-bike to run some errands in your neighborhood, then you probably won’t need a powerful vehicle that will break the bank. There are e-bikes for city commuting, leisure rides, mountain biking, and more. Get the one that satisfies your requirements. But if you are keen on long trips, then a powerful e-bike with a long range is a must. The Delfast TOP 3.0 is the perfect electric bike for long trips and off-road rides. It is durable and can travel up to 200 miles on a single battery charge.
  •         Plan the ride. Once you get an e-bike, you need to plan some rides on easy and safe routes. These rides will help you to get acquainted with your new vehicle and explore all its capabilities.
  •         Mind the weather. It is better to check the weather forecast before every ride. Make it a habit - It’s important. Knowing what weather you expect will allow you to wear proper clothes and footwear. Devise a backup plan if weather conditions worsen to the point that you have to abort your ride. Buy waterproof clothes and footwear for rainy weather, and avoid riding in electric storms.


Riding an electric bike has many benefits besides the few we discussed above. Get on your electric two-wheeler and discover them all! E-bikes are great both for fun and as substitutes for cars. You can subscribe to the Delfast newsletter and receive updates on the e-bike riding lifestyle and maintenance tips. Stay tuned!

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