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8 reasons to go electric in 2020 with Delfast

8 reasons to go

People who have never tested electric bikes and know little about them, always wonder “Why should I ever go electric?” Here are 8 major reasons WHY.

1. The pedal assistant
Due to the pedals assist, the one can cruise on the electric bike through various terrains with no problem. Thus, forget about sweat and dyspnea. Moreover, e-bikes is the great choice for people of any age and physical state. You do not have to be young athlete under 40 to ride this type of EV.

2. The speed
With e-bike you can enjoy the speed of a scooter or switch to pedals at any point of the trip. At the same time, you will always be faster than someone riding a regular bicycle. With electric bike, you can ride both in the city and on the highway. Despite the local speed limits, Delfast fastest Top 2.0 has the maximum speed

3. Different types of e-bikes
Delfast has all kinds of electric bikes in its lineup: cargo e-bikes, e-bikes for daily commuting, offroad and the e-bikes specially designed for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Therefore, you can always choose the e-bike that will address your special needs and preferences. Delfast customer services will easily help you to make the right decision.

4. Avoiding driving
In fact, when buying an e-bike, the one does so to reduce the car trips, according to the data that states that almost 30% of people confirmed that they purchased an e-bike for one reason only – to replace driving a car. Among other reasons are the environmental concerns and avoiding traffic and parking. All of the reasons above imply the desire to get rid of the problems that are coming along  with a car.

5. The exercise
Electric bike is perfect for those who are not in the greatest shape and yet they need at least the minimal exercise since they have been sedentary. Start the movement with the pedals and switch to motor while you did not get too tired to reach the final destination.

6. The greatest battery capacity
Delfast has been famous for the longest range per hour. With Delfast Prime you can easily ride to Winchester or Cambridge from London and back; or from New York to Philadelphia and back. If you live in the suburbs and work in the downtown city, you will have no problem getting there with the Delfast e-bike. 

7. Cost-efficiency
This might the greatest argument in favor of electric bikes. With an e-bike the one does not pay for fuel, ever. The only fee you have to pay is for charging the e-bike: USS 16* per year. Moreover, there is no payment for parking. You get all these, while also reducing own negative human impact on the environment.  

8. Innovation
For those have been doubting, the electric bikes are definitely here to stay. With Delfast you have the chance to go along with the globalization and technological development. While electric bikes are soon to become the daily mode of transportation for the majority of people. Delfast, in its turn, every year releases to models and upgrades the old one. Therefore, you always have the choice. 

We hope this article has been useful for you. There are many different types of transportation and the decision making process may be overwhelming. Contact Delfast to know more about the benefits of electric bikes for yourself, your everyday life, business and the environment.

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