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This article is aimed to tell you more about the Top 3.0 electric bike, the Delfast bestseller. 

You will get to know about:

  • the difference between Delfast Top 3.0  and the previous model 
  • the e-bike features you should pay attention to in order to position it in the right way and get more sales
  • the financing and payment instruments offered at Delfast 
  •  additional options for customers and the ways they can help you with sales

Delfast TOP 3.0 VS. previous TOP

One of the greatest differences is the new belt carbon drive. The regular chain’s maximum lifecycle is just a few thousands kilometres. In the case of Top 3.0, Delfast now offers the single-speed belt construction that no longer has any kind of complications with the transmission. Therefore, with the belt drive a rider can enjoy the longer life cycle and the lack of maintenance and lubrication of the transmission. Plus, the belt drive is lighter than the regular bike chain. The rear pendulum has also been changed, making it possible to adjust the belt tension.

New Top 3.0 also has the headlight with the low and high beam modes, making the ride safer, especially at the high speed. The high beam shines bright and far and in the narrow beam. 


Delfast financing options

Delfast offers several financings to choose from. They are Klarna, PayPal Credit, Affirm, 

Affirm. There is netiehr minimum credit score, nor any credit history requirements. According to Affirm, they merely conduct the soft credit check: “Affirm runs a real-time, soft inquiry of your credit and decides whether or not to approve you for a loan amount that matches the price of the item you’re buying.” It could be a case when they require a copy of the bank transactions to the credit history and your personal financial behaviour. Annual interest rates may vary. 

PayPal Credit. There is no interest fee if the loan is paid in full in 6 months or less. If it takes longer to pay the credit off, the percentage is quite low. In every individual case, PayPal will provide assistance.

Klarna. It is available for the US citizens only. The service is very easy to use. It is the smart way to manage the budget and pay in the way that suits every customer individually, addressing the one’s preferences and financial capabilities. 

Partial.ly. This financing option offers a “custom and flexible payment plan”. It is available in the majority of countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK etc, with the possibility to process transactions in the most common currencies. Partial.ly requires the one to create an account and login to open a payment plan. They will save a payment method that will be used to process all the future payments. While the service sounds easy to use, it will require the one’s credit limit and the sum of money available on the credit card to be equal to the amount loaned.


What Delfast customer gets

  • A personal manager;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Free delivery and worldwide shipping;
  • Customizing options;
  • Regular status updates;
  • E-bike tracking during the deliver;


Delfast will provide you with more information that may help you as our affiliate partner. We will definitely keep you updated. If you have some questions left, please contact us via email at affiliate@delfastbikes. Also, do not hesitate contacting us via chat. Stay tuned!

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