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All-in-one: why TOP 3.0 is the best bike for all your needs

All-in-one: why TOP

Electric bikes truly have all the potential to become vehicles of the future. They give you better mobility, they’re easier to take care of. Commonly known benefits of eBikes are their eco-friendly construction and their prices if we’re looking at the practical side.
A typical sedan for city rides will cost you around $30000 and thousands more for gas and maintenance. TOP 3.0 costs 5 times less. The maintenance is easy and affordable, and you will spend no more than $30 a year for charging your eBike. 

Electric bikes are also eco-friendly ‒ with a powerful 3200mAh Li-Ion battery and 750W electric motor you produce zero CO2 emissions all year round.
So, how can an eBike like TOP 3.0 become your best purchase?

Two and a half things an eBike can replace

People usually measure their quality of life in things ‒ their belongings and how easy it is to use them.
An electric bike can replace a gym pass. With TOP 3.0 you don’t need to pay for a gym to stay fit ‒ daily rides will boost your endurance and muscle strength better than other types of cardio workouts. You can get fit just by replacing your ride to work and back home with an electric bike instead of using public transport or a car.

The next thing an eBike can easily replace is a motorcycle. Electric bikes have nearly the same power and speed, except they are lighter and easier to maintain. You also don’t need a license for Class 2 eBikes in most states, so you’ll have no legal problem with taking a ride anywhere you want to go. Besides, electric bikes are environment-friendly, so you can have better mobility in the city without CO2 emissions.

We mentioned two and a half things, not three. That 0.5 belongs to a regular car. See, eBikes are great for mobility, and TOP 3.0 has a great mileage on a single charge ‒ up to 200 miles, and you can pedal the rest of your way. Cars can get stuck in traffic jams, they are expensive and hard to take care of, but there’s one advantage against bikes that’s non-arguable. If you need to carry a lot of stuff regularly, eBikes have a limited cargo space ‒ a few sideboxes, a universal seatpost, and that’s it. On the other hand, if you prefer lightweight rides, electric bikes are your perfect match.

What makes TOP 3.0 universal?

Delfast TOP 3.0 is a Class 2 eBike with a 750W motor and a record-breaking single charge riding range. What does it mean in terms of usability?

  1. Class 2 electric bikes don’t need a license or registration in most states. You can enjoy TOP 3.0 being street legal in your city.
  2. You can choose the effort you want to take while pedaling. TOP 3.0 has two modes of the pedal-assist system: Eco for slight assist when you want to relieve some pressure from your legs, City for getting a speed boost while cycling in the city, or any other road where you won’t drive faster than 20 mph. 
  3. By using the PAS system, you can control your riding range. Drive without any assistance to save battery charge and to get fit or choose slight assistance to get somewhere faster and get your legs some rest. And when you’ll have to charge your eBike after all these miles, you’ll spend no more than a few cents.

Also, TOP 3.0 has Unlimited mode. You can use the throttle to unleash the full power of an electric motor when you want to shred some trails. Just like with motorcycles, you can use the throttle and let your legs rest from pedaling. Be aware that using a throttle means increasing motor power and speedway beyond what Class 2 allows. The best way to use this mode is off-road rides.

Imagine gliding down rocky hills or conquering forest trails. You can do it in any national park or commonly known routes. Just make sure you have enough skills to ride on tricky trails. You also need safety gear – wearing a helmet is a must, although you need it for every ride, not just for off-road ones.

Choose who you want to be with TOP 3.0: a planet hero, a fitness role model, a traffic jam defeater, or an offroad king or queen. With Delfast electric bikes, there’s no limit.
Make your order today to experience every benefit of riding a top-tier electric bike ‒ contact our Sales team or complete the order on the website right away!


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