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Best places to ride in California

Best places to ride

California can easily be considered one of the most spectacular states to take a ride in. It’s also one of the most eBike-friendly states ‒ no license is required, no state-wide street riding restrictions. California eBike laws make this state perfect both for coastal sightseeing trips and mountain riding. 

What are eBike laws in California?

EBikes rules in California give a lot of freedom to Class 1-3 riders. You don’t need to get a license, and you can use any bikeway (the only exception is Class 3 eBike on bikeways for Class 1). Delfast’s TOP 3.0 falls under the Class 2 category, which means you can drive public roads and bikeways within a 20 MPH limit. Of course, your best shot would be to check with your local authorities about any local restrictions, but other than that, you’re free to explore the beauty of the Golden State.

Best sightseeing destinations in Cali

Bike the Bridge route ‒ San Francisco

This is clearly one of the most popular routes in the city, judging by how many cyclists are there. This trail begins at Fisherman’s Wharf, goes through Presidio National Park and the most significant landmarks of San Francisco, including the Bay Area and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo by Kevin Jarrett on Unsplash

The Bike the Bridge route ends at the Tiburon fishing village ‒ a beautiful place to sit down and watch the sunset.

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail ‒ Monterey County

If you ever wondered if you are allowed to ride your eBike on California’s beaches, the answer is “yes”. The Monterey Bay coastal route is the best trail you can follow to enjoy the beauty of ocean beaches. This is a rather popular trail, and it’s possible that on these 18 miles of endless beaches and parks you’ll have a company of other cyclists.

The Strand ‒ Los Angeles

Experienced cyclists from the area know this route as Marvin Braude Bike Trail. To put it simply, these 22 miles are full of Los Angeles spirit: beaches, urban architecture, sun-filled parks. While also you’ll be able to meet your most colorful sunsets here, the trail is nonetheless beautiful in early mornings, especially when there are fewer tourists around.

Best off-road trails 

While for urban areas it’s easy to define exact trails that earned cyclists’ love, with mountain riding the destination is more important. These are our top-3 Californian destinations.

Big Bear Lake ‒ east of Los Angeles

This one is a classic ‒ ask any local cyclist. The trails here are beautiful in any season, and the infrastructure is in great shape despite this area being a long-time favorite for bikers, cyclists, and other tourists. 

Photo by Kahar Erbol on Unsplash

The lake itself is considered a part of the San Bernardino national park with a few resorts surrounding it. You’ll find it joyful to explore the area near the lake ‒ it’s full of forest hills and nice parks on the west side of the town.

Noble Canyon ‒ San Diego

San Diego is known for its many canyons. This makes the area perfect for mountain biking. Noble Canyon is one of those places where you can experience all of the thrills of riding in the mountains. 
This can be your perfect 10-mile downhill ride with huge rocks on the side of your trail, old trees, and wonderful sights. 

Cannell Plunge Trail ‒ Kernville

Now, this one will give you a 32 miles-long adrenaline rush right from the start. Of course, this trail requires advanced riding skills, but if you’re experienced enough and are not afraid to accept this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with nice fire roads, beautiful meadow landscapes, and the joy of riding down this route.
The hills here look spectacular ‒ worth taking a ride in spring or summer.

Hit the trails

California and eBikes are a great combination. Endless choice of routes both for beginners and advanced riders, eye-candy landmarks, and perfect infrastructure make your trips here unforgettable.
With Delfast TOP 3.0 you can drive down every route mentioned in this article on a single charge ‒ that’s definitely your cue to purchase an eBike and give it a nice ride in sunny California.

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