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Best routes to ride your first e-bike in the United States

Best routes to ride

Electric bicycles are opening the world of assisted pedaling to the population at large. Thanks to these vehicles, many people that would not consider riding a bike otherwise can enjoy different trips on two wheels. Some people use e-bikes for city commuting. Others prefer leisure rides in a park during weekends. The most adventurous ones opt for long rides in the countryside.

One thing is certain in all cases. Whether you cycle on paved trails or “wild” terrain, you’ll always be rewarded with beautiful sights: exciting cityscapes, untouched landscapes in the countryside, and more. In a country full of beauty like the United States, each ride with your electric bike will be a unique experience.

If you just bought your first electric bike intending to ride and enjoy nice views along the trail, don’t miss the chance to cycle the most beautiful routes in America. Bet you will be amazed! Take into account that most of these routes are long. The United States is a large country!

Hence, a long-range electric bike is the best choice for this activity. The Delfast TOP 3.0 offers the largest range available in the market. On a single battery charge, you can ride the TOP 3.0 up to 200 miles!

General info about planning a ride

You have to plan carefully every trip with your electric two-wheeler. As mentioned, the range of your e-bike is one of the most important factors to consider. It is better to make sure you won`t be left in the middle of the route with a discharged battery. You can continue your trip by pedaling, of course. But electric bikes are heavier than conventional ones. Pedaling this type of vehicle in difficult terrain (uphill, bumpy roads, etc.) can be challenging.

Also, you must check the legislation about the use of electric bikes in every state for interstate trips in the US. Some states put e-bikes in the same category as mopeds and scooters. In these states, you need a license to ride an e-bike, and your two-wheeler must be registered. Usually, there is a minimum age requirement to get a license. There are other states where ebikes are legal. 

In this article, we summarize some of the best riding routes in the United States. We think it is time to call your mates and be ready for a new adventure. Let’s go! 

Best routes in NYC

One of the most emblematic places in America is New York City (NYC). The Big Apple is the most populous and cosmopolitan city in the United States. A real melting pot! With its astonishing amount of skyscrapers, this city offers endless opportunities for sightseeing, cityscape photography, and having a good time. It also has some of the best cycling routes with breathtaking views of the urban landscape.

The state of New York, where NTC is located, used a three-tiered classification system for e-bikes. This classification was done according to the maximum speed allowed for the e-bike and the use of a throttle. However, in 2020, the NYC Council legalized the use of electric bikes with a speed limit of up to 25 mph. This regulation applies to the entire state of New York. No registration of your two-wheeler is required. So, let’s review some of the best routes in this magnificent metropolis.

Hudson River Greenway

This cycling path starts at Battery Park City and ends at the George Washington Bridge. You can enjoy 12 miles of riding on a paved trail. The route offers incredible views of the Hudson River. The trail is used by pedestrians and joggers also. However, it is wide enough to ride comfortably. This cycling route is the longest in NYC and arguably one with the best scenic vistas.

Photo by Daniel Polevoy 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you are new to cycling, this path is recommended for its low difficulty. It runs along the Brooklyn waterfront. You will enjoy breathtaking views of Manhattan and its unique skyline. This route is part of a playground that features different attractions like a restored carousel from the 1920s.

Photo by Martijn Vonk 

Ocean Parkway Bike Path

This route is another alternative for first-timers owing to its low difficulty. It consists of a 5-mile trail lined by trees that takes you through Brooklyn. This route has some historical value since it was the first bike path built in the United States. It was opened in 1894.

Best routes in California

If you prefer long beaches, sunny weather, and astonishing natural landscapes, California is the place for you. The Golden State has a reputation for great weather during the cycling season. Riding along the California beaches is an amazing experience. Wide lanes and stunning views characterize the bike paths there.

You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike in California. You don’t need to register your two-wheeler either. However, you must obey all traffic laws as you’d do while riding a regular pedal bike. The speed limit for e-bikes in this state is 20 mph. Now, let’s briefly review some of the best bike paths in the Golden State.

Rincon Bike Trail, Ventura County

This bike path offers astonishing views of the Pacific coastline. It is a fully protected path that connects the towns of Carpinteria and Ventura. The trip starts at Rincon State Park and connects with Highway 1. Don’t worry about safety. There is a wide lane reserved for cyclists. There are no food stops along the route. Take it into account and better pack enough drinks and snacks to ride this magnificent bike path.

Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail, Lassen County

This trail is a must-to-do in California. It is one of the most scenic routes in the entire country. This trip takes you 25 miles along the Susan River Canyon. You’ll ride through a pine forest, and cross twelve bridges and three tunnels. Along the route, you’ll see the historical train depot at Susanville. The path is not paved. So, pay attention to the road to avoid any accidents. Also, beware of equestrians that you may meet along the route.

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, Monterey County

If you love nature and wildlife viewing, this route is for you. It is an 18-mile paved path along the route of the former Southern Pacific Railroad. You likely will sport sea lions on the rocks by the sea and whales further away. Spectacular views of the ocean will make a trip along this route an unforgettable experience.

Photo by Guillaume Merle 

Other places throughout the US worth seeing

If you don’t reside in NYC or California and cannot travel to either place, you should not worry. Every state has at least one bike route worth riding. Get in touch with your local cycling community to learn about great cycling routes in your state. Some of these routes may not be in any guide. Explore and discover America on your two-wheeler.

Other great bike routes in different states are described below.

State College, PA

You don’t need a license or registration to ride an electric bike in Pennsylvania. However, you must be at least 16 years old. Wearing a helmet while riding an e-bike is not required but you are recommended to do so for safety. The speed limit for these vehicles is 25 mph in this state. A good route for starters is The Lonberger Path, which starts at the parking lot on Bear Meadows Road. It is a smooth path on flat terrain, perfect for beginners.

Ketchum, ID

In the State of Idaho, electric bikes can access all Federal Lands and natural parks where regular pedal bikes are allowed. However, it is illegal to ride your electric two-wheeler in town. But that’s not a big problem since Idaho offers an extensive network of offroad trails for cyclists. The natural beauty around these trails is breathtaking.

 Jefferson County, CO

Jefferson County in the State of Colorado is renowned for the many parks available there (28 in total). There are plenty of opportunities for offroad and mountain cycling. However, with a Delfast TOP 3.0, you can pick the trail that you are confident with. Rest assured that the TOP 3.0 won’t let you down even in the most challenging conditions.

In the State of Colorado, no licensing or registration is needed to ride an e-bike. Electric bikes are allowed in all the bike paths in the state. You can ride your two-wheeler on a pedestrian path as long as you don’t engage the motor. However, for a complete list of regulations, you should inquire with the local authorities.

Photo by Andrew Seaman 


An electric bike is one of the most exciting ways of exploring and discovering the beauty of America. If you want to get more information about great routes and trips for safe riding, subscribe to the Delfast newsletter.
P.S. - we would be pleased if you share with us your experience. 

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