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Carrying cargo on your eBike

Carrying cargo on

Delfast eBikes suit any riding style ‒ from short commuting rides to long-distance trips. And sometimes, you have to ride fully packed. No matter how far you want to go, we’ve got everything to help you carry any cargo. Our short guide will help you pack your stuff in the most efficient way.

Ditch your backpack

Carrying all the stuff in a backpack is a tad too old-fashioned way to deal with additional weight. It might work for those days when all you have to take with you is your iPad, phone, and a few snacks. But when you’re adding a few pounds of other things, it’s better to take care of your back and invest in better ways to carry your stuff:

  1. Sideboxes. You can purchase Shad or Delfast Premium sideboxes in our online shop to store your baggage more effectively. They’re durable and firm: close them tight and you won’t have to worry about your cargo until the end of the ride. Put anything in them: toolkits, snacks, accessories, and other stuff they’ll fit. Plus, these sideboxes look sinfully stylish.
  2. A universal seatpost. If you need to carry groceries, a small bag, or even an extra passenger, a seatpost is a perfect base for that. This one simple thing will relieve your back from the tension of carrying everything in a backpack. Also, unlike a backpack, it won’t affect the driving manner.

And if you need your phone on the display to make sure you won’t miss an important turn ‒ our phone holder will help you with it. Attach it securely to your handlebar and don’t miss anything important at all.

Safety reminder

You can’t carry everything at once. Don’t mount overweight objects that exceed the optimal weight for riding. Every eBike and every vehicle in the world has its limit of weight it can carry. Make sure you don’t overstep this line or else your driving will be heavily (no pun intended) impacted ‒ up to the point where something might break.
Also, make sure you keep your eyes on the road while driving with your phone mounted on the holder. You don’t want to risk your safety ‒ don’t let anything distract you from the ride, especially if you’re driving in the city.
Whenever you need some help with carrying bags or things that will make your back hurt if you put them in your backpack, these cargo options will save your day. And the best part? You can order them today in our shop and experience the benefits of having extra baggage space really soon.

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