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Delfast and B2B

Delfast and B2B
Delfast started off as an eco delivery service and that’s why we still have the B2B DNA in us. We know the ins and outs of a delivery service and we have created Delfast bikes as a solution for our business problems. Here’s why electric transport is changing the delivery industry and how our product fits into this shift.
Eco-delivery on e-bikes is becoming more and more popular. The advantages of using e-bikes for delivery services are obvious:
  • time: there is really no reason not to use the new technology available. The range, speed and serviceability of the new e-bikes is on a level to replace traditional means of transport. The ROI per unit, if switching from a typical car or a motorcycle, can be as short as 2 years.
  • controlling delivery charges – most e-bikes offer cheap maintenance and you can drive the delivery price down due to no gas expenses.  This thin margin can be enough to put you at an advantage in the market.
  • ensuring rapid delivery: arguably, number one priority and the main differentiation point for most food delivery services. We were able to provide a 1-hour delivery in a 3 million people city with super congested traffic. This proves the point of how mobile and efficient e-bikes are.
  • scaling  – if you’re utilizing any sort of workforce management or fleet tracking – e-bikes are a perfect mode of transportation. Most top-level e-bikes are equipped with an on-board computer and a GPS tracker out of the box. Incorporating new bikes or even whole new branches is made easy when you only have to add a new unit to an existing ecosystem.
  • handling location-based issues – accessing the pick-up or the drop-off location can be much worse than one expects, particularly, in a city like New York. Having the ability to park your bike pretty much anywhere or driving past construction, traffic jams can’t be overestimated when time is a critical issue.
We’ve had to deal with all these problems and figure out the solutions for ourselves. This resulted in us creating one of the best electric vehicles out there. Here’s how Delfast bikes help businesses get to a completely new level of service:
  • Our e-bikes have the longest ever range on a single charge. Officially ;
  • Delfast Bikes provide special pricing for business-clients (contact us at [email protected] to learn more);
  • We tailor each batch of bikes which is sent to our business partners needs. Depending on whether you’re a pizza delivery, postal or municipal service – the bikes are customized to specifically meet your requirements. Various accessories are mounted on the bike, physical configuration (seats, clearance) and even branding (logos, colours) can be adjusted.
If you’re interested in whether you can benefit from using Delfast bikes – leave us your contact information or contact us at [email protected] to know more about our special B2B offering.


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