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Delfast announces the new electric bike - Fusion

Delfast announces

Delfast is soon to release new electric bike called Fusion, great for extreme riding. The primary characteristics are high and all-terrain passability, powerful motor and the battery of the high capacity. The e-bike is expected to go on sale by the end of 2020. 

Low-pressure tires make Fusion the all-terrain electric fat bike, which works perfectly both on the sand and snow. The exceptional maneuverability will also be provided due to the comparatively low weight of the e-bike. The model without the battery will weight 32 kg or 70 lbs; the weight of one battery is 4 kg or 9 lbs. 


Speaking of batteries, with Fusion there will be the possibility to install a second battery, thus doubling the capacity and providing better autonomy of movement. Both batteries are removable and can be charged separately. The additional battery(ies) can be purchased separately or can be immediately bought with the e-bike itself. Fusion can go up to 32 mi on the single battery and 70 mi in case of the dual one.  

It is the first time Delfast is using mid drive, meaning the middle positioning of the motor. This is to ensure the highest torque, 160 Hm, due to reduction. Moreover, the belt transmission is used as more reliable than the regular chain. The team of engineers is also working on the 2X2, the two-wheel drive, version of this model. There is a motor with the maximum power of 1500W allowing to reach the speed of 31 mph or 50 km/h.


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