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Delfast electric bike from manufacturing to delivery to customers

Delfast electric

Placing the order is the turning point at which the development of your exclusive Delfast e-bike starts.

Order confirmation. The manufacturing of your bike starts the next day after you confirm it.

Battery production. One of the most important processes is the construction of the battery. Delfast electric bikes are known for the longest range, so the size of the battery is quite big and it takes around 30 days to build it.

Battery testing. After it is done, your future e-bike goes to the next step. Testing the battery is important for providing you with a high-quality product. It might take a couple of weeks before we reach the perfect result. 

Setting up the bike. To be sure you get a high-quality product, we need to test it properly during about one week as well. 

Packing. After all, we will make videos and photos for you to let you see your order before shipping. Packaging. Since you’ve received a message with the video of your bike, it takes us a week to put your e-bike to the packaging box and bring it to the transportation point.

Delivery to the seaport. The next two weeks your bike will stay at the seaport where the parcel will be placed to the right container.

Sea delivery. The cargo directed to the United States will leave the seaport during the next two weeks. After that, it will take a month before your bike reaches the continent. During this period, there will be no shipping updates because the cargo will cross the Pacific Ocean.

Depending on the shipping method (by sea, rail or  by truck) at this point the client as a rule gets a track number and/or BL with possibility to track shipping progress from the dispatch point to the custom terminal in the destination country*.

*As we are working with different shipping agents for some shipments order tracking to destination country is not available. In this case we inform the client when the bike is shipped and provide an estimated time of arrival.

Customs clearance. Since your e-bike has just reached the port and it will take a couple of weeks to pass the customs clearance.

Local port service, tracking number receival. When your order is passed to the local post service, you will receive a message with your tracking number.

After releasing the bike from customs (after undergoing all the custom clearance formalities), it is transported to a local transport company for final delivery. At this point most transport companies provide new track numbers to follow progress of final “to door” delivery*.

*Some local transport companies due to their internal rules and procedures, do not provide tracking information.

Successful delivery to the client. Finally, you get your e-bike in about a week.

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