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Delfast is taking the new course: The enhancement of the TOP electric bike and the production stop of the previous models

Delfast is taking

The electric bike brand Delfast decides to take the new direction in business, which implies the focus on the development of a single model. The company chooses the TOP to be their signature electric bike. 

While this is the fresh beginning for Delfast, it is time to say goodbye to the models the company is proud of and those that fairly be called the legends. All the B2C models, including Prime (World Guinness Record holder), Offroad (the e-bike of the year 2019), TOP 2.0 (2019 bestseller) and Cross Dirt (Sur Ron’s killer) will not be available for sale starting from November 1st.  Since the production of the listed electric bikes will be discontinued, Delfast launches their big sale starting from October 1st and lasting till October 31st.

For Daniel Tonkopiy and Serhii Denysenko, the Delfast founders, it is the strategically oriented decision that makes sense for the bright future of the company. The pandemic helped Delfast look at the company from another perspective, to reassess the values and make certain conclusions. Despite the sales increase for all the models in the line up, the team decided to center on the progress of one of its greatest products - its bestseller TOP.

“There is a great business argument behind our decision. TOP gives us 81% of sales, so we decided to focus on this mode and make the best TOP electric bike possible for our clients,”

says Daniel

Delfast will now put all of its efforts into the development of an excellent TOP that will not have an alternative on the market. The goal is to bring TOP to the ultimate excellency in power, speed, design, comfort and other features that make it the smart bike too. Thus, to give the customers the perfect electric bike they truly want and deserve. 

This new course means that all new developments of the engineering team will now concentrate on the TOP model for B2C clients. Nevertheless, Trike, the B2B model, will remain with the production and sales occurring as planned and announced before. The Delfast team also keeps working with the B2G sector. The development of the specially designed electric bike for police, the TopCop is ongoing, since it is the unique modification of the TOP model. 

Obviously, this partial production discontinuation does not affect the Delfast’s commitment to the customers in any way. All the orders that were made before and during sale would be fulfilled according to the schedule. As usual, the customer support and the warranty for all Delfast electric bikes will be carried out as it says in the user agreement. Delfast offers the lifetime warranty on electric bike models of 2020.

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