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Delfast new electric cargo tricycle, being developed, becomes safer

Delfast new electric

The Trike, the three-wheeled electric vehicle designed for small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs, has been complemented with the side mirrors and the cover above a rider’s head. With them, the Trike becomes safer and looks complete. Development of Delfast new electric cargo tricycle for the needs of entrepreneurs is made possible due to the grant support provided by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.


As can be seen on the image drawn by Delfast chief engineer Serhii Goncharov, the Trike now has the cover above a rider’s head. It’s both a windshield and a shelter protecting from sun and rain. The shield may be added on request and easily removed when needed.

The major upgrade is the battery of a new type, which lets the e-tricycle to function in extreme weather conditions.  The Trike operates at -20°C as well as at +60°C and can withstand the fast charging with a guaranteed 1500 charges/discharges. With this factor being essential for the commercial transport, Delfast team is also working to develop a specialized stationary charger. 


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