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Delfast news: Updates from the Ukrainian e-bike R&D

Delfast news:

This post is a sneak peek at our production center :)

Our team continues launching local e-bike manufacture and R&D center on the basis of ELMIZ factory in Kyiv. The Delfast R&D will consist of the following units:

1) series assembly and development room

The boxes contain the components of our future models: wheels, seats, and others.

product testing room

This is one of the most important rooms intended for testing various electronics, such as batteries, motors, etc. We will test all the things you appreciate most in Delfast - range, power, speed. That’s a key component of our quality control and safety assurance to our bike riders.

3) "smart center"

It’s a place where our engineers will create 3D models and sketches of the upcoming e-bikes.

The other rooms in our R&D center include bikes assembly room, painting, and welding rooms, and office space for our engineers and constructors.

We are very excited and can`t wait to finally open up!

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