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Delfast R&D center based in Kyiv presents the new model of the “universal” electric bike

Delfast R&D

R&D center at Kyiv Polytechnic University designed “universal” electric bike with the help of Delfast. Students of electro automatics faculty and Delfast engineers have been developing the model for about 6 months and are now finally ready to share the results. 

The new electric bike is right for the daily usage for people of different age and physical state. It is guaranteed due to electric motor, which eases the movement. According to Serhii Goncharov, Delfast Chief Engineer, the e-bike can be used for family purposes, for urban rides as well as cargo transportations. Moreover, as it was said above, the primary goal of the “hybrid” e-bike is to address the basic needs during the entire day: pedalling and using the electric drive with no sweat and dyspnea. 

“This model is great for a couple of reasons. First, high reliability; second, the long range, third, the maximum simplicity and accessibility” says Goncharov. 

They also managed to make the e-bike smart by including the all-wheel drive with the intelligent control. Thus, based on the load, the wheel speed, the terrain and the angle the electric bike itself chooses how to distribute the torque between the wheels.

R&D produced electric bike has the 48V30A battery and the gear motor 750 Watt. It can reach the maximum speed of 45 km/h or 28 mph.

Delfast is now considering including the new e-bike into its production.


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