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Find the Right Saddle for Your Comfortable e-Bike Riding

Find the Right

Riding an electric bicycle can be one of the most pleasant outdoor experiences. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Multiple factors should combine to have the ultimate riding experience. And comfort is of utmost importance!

Choosing the correct saddle can maximize or ruin the comfort of your ride. So why spoil the fun? Check our tips to find the perfect saddle. Let’s go!

Types of Saddles

For a first-timer, selecting the ideal saddle is like finding a needle in a haystack. Keep calm, it is not so complicated. Manufacturers create saddles for specific needs. And, yes, seats differ by gender for next-level comfort, so keep that in mind also. The riding style is another important choice factor. Some cyclists ride in an upright position, which is rather common among commuters. In such cases, a saddle with a sit bone support is the best choice. The saddle must have a lot of padding to maximize comfort. On the other hand, some cyclists adopt a more sporting position in which they bend forward. For this riding style, a saddle with a narrow nose is more suitable.

Once you have figured out your riding style, the pool of saddle options has reduced. It simplifies your search, isn’t it? Another classification is the type of vehicle. Here, you can consider saddles for bicycles and motorcycles. Motorbike saddles are more common among off-road and mountain electric bikes.

How to Choose a Comfortable Saddle?

Enough theory, let's get some practice. How do you choose the perfect saddle for you? Below are some tips that will make your selection process easier.

  •         Take into account your riding style. The type of cycling you do determines the shape and type of saddle needed. For instance, the required comfort is not the same for off-road riding as for city commuting. Inquire about saddles specifically designed for your riding style at an e-bike shop. Once you select a comfortable saddle for your discipline, make sure to adjust its height to the optimal value.
  •         Flexibility matters. If you are flexible, you are likely to ride in a stable position. A flat saddle will be more comfortable in such a case. If you are not that flexible, a more rounded saddle would be a better choice.
  •         Position matters. As we already mentioned, the position you adopt while riding influences the selection of the saddle. If you tend to bend forward to adopt a more aerodynamic position, be sure to choose a saddle with a narrow nose. When you bend forward, you put more pressure on the front of your pelvis. Too wide in that area is a discomfort for your trip. 

Delfast Saddle Pack

The Delfast Top 3.0 e-bike offers three types of saddles to ensure your comfort in all conditions:

  •         Bike seat.
  •         Universal seat post.
  •         Moto saddle.

Depending on your riding style, you can select the saddle that will maximize comfort. The bike seat comes by default with the purchase of your TOP 3.0. You can upgrade to the other two alternatives at an extra cost.

Final word

The type of saddle of your electric bike is critical for your comfort. You should spare no expense to procure the most suitable saddle for your riding style. You can use the Delfast e-bike configuration tool to choose the most suitable saddle for your new two-wheeler.

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