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Going Green Is a Win-Win

Going Green Is a

Being eco-conscious is more than a trend, but is a personal choice to lighten the weight of our human-made burden on the planet. The whole “going green” concept is not a quick decision, but rather a long-term commitment to decrease your environmental footprint, and instead create a more sustainable way of life. This one small personal choice will impact the world, improving the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals, well into the future. 

Our founder, Daniel Tonkopi, grew up in Almaty. His father was a professor of ecology, and as a boy, Daniel remembers the heavy gray clouds of pollution that would hang over the city. That’s why, when he got started with Delfast, he wanted to create an eco-friendly business. He knew firsthand the value of investing in the future of our planet and chose to lead the way in the production of sustainable electric vehicles.

Our Eco Principles

Being green is the foundation of all our brand values ‒ sustainable energy is at the core of Delfast identity.

To be a part of a more sustainable environment, our eBikes help to:

  • reduce traffic and, therefore, the number of emissions;
  • reduce gas usage;
  • reduce carbon footprint

By creating electric bikes, we are envisioning a future where there are no miles-long traffic jams, no CO2-affected air pollution, and no gas-related health issues whatsoever.

By choosing to go electric and go green, you become a part of this future.

How eBike technology impacts you

There are many ways electric bikes can improve your personal quality of life.

More Freedom

To start with, with an eBike you receive a convenient way to do your daily commuting much faster and more efficiently. What used to take you an hour previously (due to the traffic), now takes only 20-30 minutes. 

With an eBike, you also get better mobility regardless of where you are riding ‒ whether enjoying a ride to work in the city, or visiting your friends in the country. Either way, you’ll notice how cool it is to be independent of traffic jams, and to go anywhere a bike can take you.

Save Money 

You will save a lot of money with your eBike! Initially, it already costs way less than a new car. But then, you will only need to spend as little as $24 per year (on average) to charge your electric bike. With current gas prices, buying something electric really makes sense. 

You’ll also save a lot of money on maintenance because it’s generally cheaper than car maintenance. The most expensive bit to repair will probably be the motor or the battery, but an electric motor almost never breaks down, and a Li-Ion battery lasts thousands of charging cycles, so you have nothing to worry about.

Speaking of money, you will most likely also get to avoid paying for auto-expensive insurance. Currently, most US states do not require electric bikes to be insured. 

So a recap: Maintenance is cheap, charging is cheap, and the insurance is (in most cases) not required ‒ it’s a win-win scenario for you!

Be Healthy

We would be remiss to not mention the other benefit of going electric: Getting fit! When you choose to disable pedal-assist or throttle drive mode, you turn your eBike into a full-body workout machine. To lessen the intensity of your workout, turn on pedal assist mode to make it easier. 

With throttle mode, you can drive around without pedaling to explore some off-road routes while enjoying the fresh air. So what are you waiting for? Take some deep breaths, and go outside to get some of that vitamin D to boost your mood and your immune system.

How eBikes Impact our Environment

Controlling our carbon footprint is the main concern of our generation. The more CO2 we emit, the hotter the planet gets: food chains are disrupted and water levels rise. And what’s one of the greatest carbon contributors? It’s a simple gas-powered car. 

Electric bikes don’t use a lot of electricity, and the electricity they do use, can be also derived from sustainable sources. Therefore, we can save a lot of CO2 just by simply switching to two-wheelers. Fun Fact: Delfast eBikes have a recuperation system that adds power back to the motor during your ride, whenever you brake lightly. Do you see? Going electric tends to come with nice bonuses. 

We want to be a part of a sustainable and green future. With electric bikes, this future comes one step closer. We invite you to join the green revolution. Everyone will benefit from going electric ‒ the environment, cities, drivers, plants, animals, and you and your families.

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