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Group e-rides mean fun rides: tips for the better road trips

Group e-rides mean

It’s summertime! What can be better than spending long summer days on a ride? You got it. Cruising in a group! It is a lot of fun and a good opportunity to get acquainted with your local cycling community. You can learn about new routes and get useful tips from more experienced cyclists.

Also, because of the social distancing forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, families, and friends have been separated for a long time. One of the safest ways to reconvene is through the practice of outdoor activities together.

If you share the same household, you won’t need to take special sanitary measures to cycle together. Otherwise, keeping a safe distance between participants will suffice. But remember to wear a mask when you’re in closed environments, sanitize your hands, and avoid direct physical contact.

How to find the group for a ride

If you have decided to give it a chance, then you must find a group first. The most obvious approach is to ask relatives and friends whether they want to join you. Take into account that all the people you ask should have more or less the same cycling skill level. 

Another good alternative is to check at your e-bike shop. You can walk in and ask directly about upcoming group rides. Alternatively, you can look for announcements on its social media pages or website. As a piece of advice, look for the events marked as “no drop.” These words indicate that the group will ensure that no one is left behind by riding at the pace of the slowest participant. Such events are great for beginners!

You can use other ways to find a group for a ride. Try Craigslist, online forums, and chats. Contact your local cycling community. They probably are organized as a club or society. Inquire about the procedure to join their organization. Usually, such events are organized every weekend. More experienced riders offer helpful advice on the different aspects of road trips on an electric bike. You can also join our community in social networks where you can always get wise advice. 

How to choose an e-bike for a group ride

Choosing an electric bike for a group ride depends on the selected route. If the ride will take place on flat and paved terrain, then an e-bike for leisure riding will do the job. However, if the intended route is on the mountains, you will need an ebike that has been designed for off-road cycling.

Also, pay attention to the entire length of the trip. This information is important to determine whether the range of your electric bike can cover it. The least you want is to be left in the middle of the route without pedal assistance. Remember that electric bikes are heavier than conventional ones. So, pedaling back home without the boost you’re used to can be hard.

In this regard, the Delfast TOP 3.0 is the ideal electric bicycle for group rides. It performs well in all types of terrains. And with a range of up to 200 miles, you can rest assured that you will complete the entire trip using the riding mode of your choice.

Quick tips for a good ride

Every ride needs proper planning. The route planning of group rides should be well defined in advance. It is better to discuss your riding plans with your teammates in advance.

Even if you are a newbie, don`t be afraid to take part in group rides. It is a wonderful opportunity to improve your skills, explore your area and find soulmates. Choose a group with a suitable route. Tell other teammates that you are a newbie, and they will help you in difficult situations. So, you will get a positive experience only.  

To master a successful group ride, we have compiled the following tips:

  • Communicate. The key to a successful group ride is communication. Before and during the ride, always keep a friendly talk with the other participants. Inform them of anything important along the route. Ask any question you deem necessary. If you made initial contact online, don’t ghost on anyone after the ride. Keep in touch with everyone.
  •  Keep a safe distance. This tip is not COVID-related. To avoid any accident, you must keep a safe distance from the rider in front of you. Don’t ever overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the rider in front. If for any reason they swerve suddenly, a crash may occur. When you ride uphill, make sure the gap between you and the rider in front is wider.
  • Control the speed. During the ride, the group should ride at the same speed thereby ensuring that no one is left behind. The most skilled doesn’t have to be the one leading the group. Different riders can take turns to lead and set the speed of the group. Remember to always respect the speed limits for e-bikes in the area you’re riding.
  • Make sure you all have your riding skills at the same level. The route must be agreed upon by all the participants before the start. If everyone has roughly the same skill level, there won’t be too much strain on some individuals.
  • Check on each other. Find a way to check on your team members during the entire ride. Warn others of any danger that you perceive. For instance, if you are in front of the group, inform the others of any obstructions or hazards ahead.


Put in practice the above tips and you can be sure that your group rides will always be positive experiences. We are preparing new awesome info about the best cycling routes in the US and Canada. Stay tuned - subscribe to the Delfast newsletter.

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