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How to clean your e-bike

How to clean your

Riding an electric bicycle is a lot of fun! Thanks to the pedal-assistance mode, you can travel further than you’d usually go with a conventional pedal bike. This feature is a big plus. In summer, for example, you can take long scenic routes through the countryside. Alone or in a group, you should not miss the opportunity to experience nature on two wheels.

However, to make these rides more enjoyable, you should select the right e-bike for your adventures: be it offroad or city street. You cannot go wrong with the Delfast 3.0. This high-end electric bike is the perfect companion for highway, off-road, and mountain rides. The TOP 3.0 is built with the best components and materials in the market to withstand the harshest riding conditions and provide a top riding experience.

But whether you own the TOP 3.0 or another ebike, it is important to clean it up from time to time, although this might not sound like too much fun.  To ensure your vehicle remains in a good condition, the cleaning process must be adequately performed. If you don’t know how to clean your electric bike, this article is for you. Let's make it shine!

How often you should clean your bike

First, you need to know when to clean your e-bike. It depends on how frequently you ride, of course. But that’s not all. It also depends on the weather and road conditions. If you use your electric bike commuting only, it probably won’t need frequent cleaning, once a month would be fine. If you use it on paved and clean roads, once every two months may still be okay. But don’t delay the cleaning of your e-bike any longer than two months.

If you are a fan of extreme off-road trails and your ebike is caked in mud and dirt, a different approach is required. . In such a case, you must clean your vehicle at least once a week. Mud, dust, and other particles will accumulate in the chain. You will immediately notice that pedaling becomes harder. Also, dirt accumulates in rotating parts, which causes excessive friction. Likewise, dirt affects the performance of the electronic circuits and, more critically, the battery.

Failing to clean your e-bike regularly will shorten its life drastically. Protect your investment and enjoy your e-bike for more years to come. Keep reading for some tips and tricks.

Cleaning check-list

You must take the cleaning process of your electric bike seriously. Some e-bike owners just wipe their vehicles down with a damp cloth. That won’t take much of your time, but it won’t help your e-bike much either. Hence, take into account the following tips to make your cleaning more effective and safe for your two-wheeler.

  • Use approved e-bikes products. You should clean your e-bike with water and a cleaner specifically formulated for electric bikes. If you’re unsure what to use, go to your e-bike shop and inquire about the most convenient cleaner for your e-bike. You can dissolve a cleaner in a bucket of water and keep a second bucket with water only for rinsing. Alternatively, you can use a garden hose;
  • Use spray lubes instead of liquid ones. After rinsing your vehicle, you have to lube the moving parts. It is easier to apply spray lube, it won’t leave sticky surfaces as liquid lubes usually do.
  • Make it simple. Cleaning your e-bike should not be that complicated. Begin by cleaning your e-bike with water and an approved e-bike cleaner. You can use a sponge to scrub your vehicle without damaging the finish. You can use a soft brush to remove dirt from places that are difficult to access (pedals, for example). Apply an e-bike-approved degreaser to the drivetrain. Allow 5 minutes for the degreaser to soak in. Then, clean it with a wet cloth. Make sure you remove the dirt from the entire drivetrain.
  • Take special care about the brakes. The brakes need to be cleaned separately. Use a disc brake cleaner to ensure that the performance of the disc and pads won’t deteriorate. When you apply a degreaser to the drivetrain, be very careful not to spray accidentally on the components of the brake system. This material may cause a malfunction of the brakes.
  • Make it dry before using your e-bike. After you finish rinsing your vehicle, remove all traces of water using a dry cloth or soft towel. Do it slowly to ensure no wet parts are left. Before mounting the battery back, the compartment must be completely dry for safety reasons. If you wash your electric bike on a sunny day, you can leave it for a few minutes outside to dry completely.
  • Make it environmentally safe. Electric bikes are environmentally friendly vehicles. To keep in line with this philosophy, try to use substances that won’t cause damage to the ecosystems. You can use vegetal lubrication, for example.

If some doubts remain, you can check our step-by-step video guide to cleaning an electric bike.


Cleaning your electric bicycle is part of your responsibilities as a cyclist. Do it properly and your vehicle will last a long time. Besides cleaning, regular maintenance is also necessary for flawless performance. We have a guide for taking good care of your e-bike. For more tips to maintain your two-wheeler in optimal condition, subscribe to the Delfast newsletter.


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