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How to keep your electric bike from overheating

How to keep your

There are both experienced e-bike enthusiasts and newbies among you. We published the previous article on how to properly mount the camera on an electric bike for those who are not so experienced in the topic.

How to avoid controller overheating

Ebike controller overheating can occur and it is not dangerous in the short term. Depending on the place where it is located, overheating can become a problem. First of all, check the location of your controller, if it’s getting hot too fast. Is there enough air access? Is a controller hidden or located in an open place? 

There are several solutions to the problem: 

  • to change the controller for a more powerful one,
  • disassemble the controller and check how the transistors are screwed on, and change them if needed,
  • put on or change a cooling system.

Avoiding e-bike motor overheating

One should monitor the motor temperature while driving, as electric bike motor overheating can cause a motor breakdown.

Please remember that when riding over rough terrains such as sand or gravel, or uphill, the engine is subject to increased stress. However, if these high loads are short and unsystematic, then they will not cause any damage to the elements of the motor.

Normally it takes up to 20 minutes of a constant load to reach the critical engine temperature (over 200 ° F). Thus, fans of extreme riding should remember these simple but important rules so that the engine does not fail later. After a prolonged load on the system, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes to allow the motor temperature to return to normal.

Please, remember, that riding with flat tires puts additional stress on the motor. Do not flatten your tires if you plan to ride on rough terrain.

Delfast electric bike: designed to avoid overheating

And what do Delfast engineers say about that?

“TOP 3.0 electric bike has a box-type frame that is naturally ventilated as it travels through an air-cooled design. Also, in the TOP 3.0 model, which has a powerful motor and a high-capacity battery, the controller with a cooling radiator is placed outside, which also protects it from overheating. Thus, the Delfast E-bike is originally designed to avoid overheating while driving. If we're talking about how to avoid overheating at rest, it's simple: in the hot season, park your Delfast E-bike in the shade and it will serve you for years”, - Delfast Chief Engineer says.



Please, follow these rules to avoid your electric bike overheating and to make your e-bike life longer:

  • put on or change a cooling system for your electric bike controller,
  • check and change the transistors of the controller, if needed,
  • treat your e-bike with care and control the load on the controller and motor,
  • monitor the temperature of the motor,
  • do not ride at a maximum temperature of the motor for 20 minutes along or more,
  • take breaks up to 15 minutes to  return your motor temperature to normal,
  • don’t flatten your electric bike tires when riding on rough terrains. 


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