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How to ride an electric bike: e-bike guide for the curious beginner

How to ride an

Hey there. Today we’d like to tell you how to ride or operate an e-bike. It's very similar to riding a regular bike, but there are also some differences. 

Electric bikes can work in two ways:

  1. they function as a pedal assist. It means that when you pedal, the motor kicks on, thus giving you some assistance;
  2. full throttle e-bikes where you don’t need to pedal. It’s enough to trigger that with your thumb to take off.

How to operate your e-bike? First, get to know it better. 

  1. Take care of your battery. The great thing in electric bikes is that you can remove the battery and charge it wherever you want. To charge it, unlock it from the frame with your key and plug it into a standard wall outlet. When you’re going to ride your e-bike, make sure your battery is fully charged and in the on position. 
  2. There are two types of motors: a rear hub motor and a mid drive motor. The first one is contained in a big hub in the back and doesn’t actually look like a motor. The second type of motors is located below the bottom bracket. Do you know which one you have?
  3. Take a look at your display. They differ from model to model, but contain similar functions: showing a speedometer and battery power. Make eyes on them during your trip.

Assistance during the ride

You can control, how much assistance do you need. Most electric bikes have a power switch that allows you to choose from low to high levels. If you wish to feel like riding a regular bike, you can choose zero and still enjoy the benefits of using the speedometer here. If you want to have a more powerful ride, you can switch to a higher mode. In that case, the motor will be pushing you faster to give you assistance. 

Follow the traffic rules

Don’t forget about the rules on the road. Even though riding an e-bike can give you a feeling of freedom and have lots of fun, you’re still responsible for knowing and following all the rules of the road. So ride responsibly. 

Know your route

Having an e-bike is great as you can choose as long or scenic route as you want. Try your best to plan the route in advance. Research it with online map services on your phone or GPS. You can also ask for rout advice in your local bike shop. 

Optimize your e-bike range

The charge range of your e-bike depends on your battery, motor and level of assist. Weather conditions, temperature and terrain have an influence too, but they are not so significant. Find a comfortable cadence, lighten your load, use less assist to maximize your range.

Do your best to be noticed

It’s important to remain visible while on road, as people in cars, as well as the other cyclists and pedestrians, sometimes can be unaware of people on bikes. That’s why I would recommend you always to have your light on, to wear hi-vis and reflective apparel, as well as to get a bell.

Prepare for your ride properly

Here’s a short must-have for every ride:

  1. Front and rear lights—always have them on!
  2. Flat kit
  3. Water and food
  4. Warmer clothes and/or rain gear
  5. Cellphone and cash
  6. Make sure your battery is charged

And finally, secure your e-bike

During your trip, you will probably wish to park your e-bike to go for a walk or do your stuff. Make sure you’re e-bike is secured enough and is parked in a safe place. I advise you to buy a good lock, take your battery with you and be aware of where you park. Have a good journey!


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