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Meet the Delfast Partner 2.0

Meet the Delfast

This week has been rich in news for the Delfast company. The brand announces the release of another model. The boosted modification of the Partner called Partner 2.0 is now available for B2B customers and the delivery works worldwide.

Partner 2.0 is the lightest and the most maneuverable model in the Delfast lineup. The electric bike has the upgraded motor, front brakes, gear and the increased battery capacity. The model production is expected to begin in July 2020. 

The new model has standard hydraulic brakes. Partner 2.0 also has the Carbon drive (belt drive) with one gear chain. Due to these changes the chain can serve you 10 times longer than before. Additionally, it does not require you to address the service center for tech support too often. You can easily wash it with water jet too. 

Speaking of the most likely important tech feature, range, it has been increased when compared to the previous Partner. Thanks to the increased battery capacity, the new electric bike can ride for  74 mi or 120 km with the speed of 15 mph or 24 km/h.

Riders can also appreciate the updated light system with both high and low beams. Delfast makes the matte color options available to choose from as well.  

Delfast as the company that has the long term experience in the deliveries, our team knows how to make great electric bikes for couriers and the services they work for. Partner 2.0 is cost-efficient, flexible and, most importantly, it is affordable. 

The Delfast online store has also the new extras available to purchase along with an electric bike: cargo motto saddle, universal moto seat, standard and premium side boxes, and the cargo trailer. 

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