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New pandemic way of life: electric bikes as the safest and most efficient mean of transportation

New pandemic way of

Amid the COVID19 outbreak, there is another reason to appreciate electric bikes. 

 The virus spreading all over the world changed the lives of the majority of people on many different levels. Our lifestyle, our daily routines have been affected along with the way we all get around on the daily basis. 

Delfast team fairly considers electric bikes to be the safest mean of transportation at the moment. As the individual vehicles, Delfast e-bike can be used in the exceptional times when the one does need to get out of the house. Since the public transport in the majority of countries does not work, taxi is not safe enough and walking is sometimes exhausting, electric bikes may be the solution. 

“In Kyiv I see many people, who got their old bicycles out and use them as the mode of transportation during quarantine. After seeing this, my only thought was – electric bikes have so much more to offer,”
says Daniel Tonkopiy
Delfast CEO

When choosing Delfast, it is possible to minimize human contact and to reach the destination with no harm to one’s health. Doctors recommend on  keeping the distance from the others – 2 m or 6 ft- in order to lessen the chances of getting infected. Even during self-isolation, we all need some fresh air and to exercise. Riding an e-bike is the perfect way to get both while following social distancing instructions.


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Moreover, with Delfast electric bike and the world record range ( 230 mi or 370 km), the one can also escape yet somewhat crowded cities. With such a battery capacity, you can ride to a secluded lake or forest and back, where you  can enjoy the nature while staying isolated. It’s getting warmer too, so search out for the place and recover after staying at home for a long time. It’s the springtime!

Delfast Partner is also there to support small business during the pandemic. Goods and food deliveries is the way for stores and restaurants to get through the quarantine. They all are in need of the fast and efficient vehicles for the delivery workers that will also ensure their safety. Moreover, it is also the way to maintain the job of many people, who might have been at risk either losing their job, or getting the unpaid leave. With Partner’s rangle of 56 mi or 90  km couriers can transport almost any kind of orders and can carry out up to 100 deliveries per day (depending on the distances). 


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