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Our Biggest Year Yet!

Our Biggest Year
Holiday season is upon us, and we’ve decided to recap our highlights of the year! 
2018 was an outstanding year for Delfast Bikes, here is only a small part of what we’ve all achieved as a community:
First of all – we have delivered all the bikes for our backers from Kickstarter!
Delfast Bikes got customers, partners and dealers all over the world, from USA to Japan!
We have won the StartupBattle event in Los Angeles
  • We were named one of the TOP-10 leading e-bike market players
  • We have met supporters of Delfast bikes from NASA and Tesla
  • We delivered our bikes to a new dealership in San Pedro, CA
  • Media continues writing about us, including some of the biggest in the world, like Forbes 
  • As a holiday special – we presented a limited e-bike series at the end of this year
On top of that, we have now almost 7 000 subscribers, which cannot but please us!
Thank you for being with us throughout this wonderful year! Delfast team hopes that 2019 will be even more awesome!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Delfast team


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