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PayBright credit option available for customers from Canada

PayBright credit

Dear Canadian Customers,

If you want to buy Delfast e-bike on credit, you can try PayBright service.  

Currently you can apply for PayBright credit only with the help of our sales department.

Please contact us via the live chat on our website or email us at [email protected].

Our specialists will clarify all the details and send instructions to your email.

The advantages of PayBright credit are the following:

  •     APR 9.95% - 19.95%, depending on your credit history
  •     12-24 months credit period
  •     You can pay from CAD 200 per month

Please note that door-to-door delivery works within a radius of 250 km from the port.

Note that all prices on our website are indicated in USD. Please contact our managers via the chat for conversion to CAD.

To learn more info on this payment instrument please follow the links: 

Paybright how it works

Paybright help center

Paybright delfast shop

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