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Regimes – eco, city, unlimited

Regimes – eco,

To optimally use the charge and comfort of our customers who ride Delfast e-bikes, we have created 3 types of speed modes: ECO, CITY, Unlimited.


The first question that worried us very much was the disproportionate energy expenditure when the speed changes. Battery power consumption is not linear. For example, with a sharp increase in speed by 2 times, energy consumption will increase significantly.


Therefore, our engineers set out to create an intelligent system that allows rational use of the battery supply and prevent uncontrolled energy consumption due to frequent and abrupt changes in speeds. Of course, customers can themselves monitor the energy consumption, but this is completely inconvenient: you must constantly look at the display and adjust the speed with the throttle stick. This is unlikely to add pleasure to the process of driving. Therefore, we at Delfast transferred this solution to the computer, it is not mistaken, it is accurate and correct.


After conducting a series of tests in different operating modes, we derived averaged data on battery power consumption in different high-speed modes and with different riding styles that are possible when using a bike. It is absolutely obvious that the consumption will be different in the “start-stop” mode, when traveling on a highway at a constant speed or off-road in the mountains, for example. Our engineers have chosen 3 optimal speed modes that are suitable for almost all electric bike partners: ECO, CITY, Unlimited.


It is very convenient. If you do not have sufficient experience in using an electric bike, then using one of the 3 possible modes you are guaranteed to get the optimal combination of speed and economy.


ECO mode is an economical mode that allows you to use the battery more economically.


CITY mode is designed to move around the city.

Unlimited mode is best suited for cross country travel.

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