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Rules that will protect your e-bike from theft

Rules that will

It is impossible not to notice how every year, the number of electric bikes on the streets increases, but at the same time, thieves do not waste their time either. When you buy a new e-bike, the last thing you want is to notice nothing in the place where you parked your vehicle.

You might think that the safest way to keep your bike is to never part with it, but let's be realistic, that's impossible. Therefore, below we have prepared some tips that will significantly reduce the likelihood that your bike will unexpectedly end up in the hands of a thief. Let's figure out how to protect your wheels!

Tip 1: Register your e-bike

Let's start, perhaps, with the most important. The advantage of registering your electric bike is having access to a central database that contains vital details about your vehicle, such as its serial number, its life history, etc. This information is required to return your bike or make an insurance claim. Additionally, it acts as an effective deterrent to thieves who know that they will be arrested if they are found in possession of a registered bike.

Although this does not guarantee that your stolen bike will be returned, we can boast of a case where registering the bike on our site helped return it to the owner. Whether you ride to live or live to ride, let us help keep you on the move. Register you Delfast ebike here

Tip 2: Make sure your e-bike is securely locked

It is evident that you need a bike lock unless you can reduce its size and put it in your pocket so that you don't leave it unattended. Although any safety is better than none, some locks can be cut with nothing more than a pair of scissors. That is why you should ensure the reliability of the locks you use, preferably two.

Also, don't leave your e-bike unattended under any circumstances, even if you're just popping into the corner store for a water bottle. A bicycle thief's dream would come true whether it happened. A poorly locked bike will disappear quickly, primarily if you reside in a major city. Putting a couple of extra minutes thinking how and where to lock your bike could provide a long way in preventing your two-weel friend from being bikenapped.

Tip 3: Choose good places for parking

The choice of location is crucial whether you're staying for a few minutes or hours. When choosing where to park, choose a populated area where it will be challenging for a thief to find your e-bike and steal it. Consider parking bicycles in areas that are usually located where thieves have no access and frequently offer security measures like cameras and alarms. The last thing a thief would want is for his face to be visible in a CCTV camera installed around.

Tip 4: Insure your e-bike

No security measure can guarantee complete protection against thieves. Even if you have registered your electric bike and are diligent about locking it, there is a chance that your vehicle will be stolen. What happens, then? Will you bear all the losses?

No, if you have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. It ensures that if your e-bike is stolen, the insurance company will pay you compensation. Each insurer offers a different level of coverage, so it is essential to check the insurance options, the available deductible, and any applicable limits.

Tip 5: Track your e-bike

Buy the Delfast Top 3.0i and be 100% sure where your bike is by tracking it from the mobile app. Not only is this useful for quickly locating a stolen e-bike, but it also provides added peace of mind by allowing you to check it throughout the day to ensure it's still where you left it.

Long night? Don't remember where you left your faithful driving assistant? The My E-bike Ride app syncs with your Delfast 3.0i to put important tracking metrics at your fingertips. Click the "Find My e-bike" function to determine the exact location. Available in AppStore and Play Market

In today's world, bike theft has become a real problem among all models because no matter how well you have prepared the security system, there is always a considerable risk. So only with a comprehensive approach can you rest easy knowing you'll find your bike back where you left it. And while no one can be 100% protected, why not try to get to 99%?

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