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Top-10 Best California Routes to Ride Your E-Bike

Top-10 Best

The United States is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Stunning views characterize the American landscapes and cityscapes. In a nutshell, America is a cyclist’s paradise. And California is one of the most recommended states for cycling. The Golden State has a safe and well-developed infrastructure to practice this sport. And last but not least, the weather is perfect for your long rides: warm and sunny days are meant for cruising. 

Riding on the magnificent Californian trails with an electric bicycle is a unique experience. It is something you should include in your list of must-dos. And what better companion for a cycling trip in California than the Delfast Top 3.0? Owing to its huge one-charge range of 200 mi, the TOP 3.0 will take you anywhere regardless of distance. Also, the durable steel frame of this high-end electric bike ensures top performance in all types of terrains.

So, pack your e-bike and gear and head to California. We’ll tell you about some of the best cycling routes in this state. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

Planning a Ride

So, if you have decided to experience California on two wheels, you have plenty of options for memorable trips. You can choose between breathtaking ocean-side routes, trails through beautiful nature, and more, much more! However, there is some planning you have to do in advance to enjoy your cycling to the fullest. First, get well acquainted with all the regulations regarding the use of electric bikes in the state. Remember that laws and regulations can change at any moment. Hence, it is better to stay updated for your own safety. 

Since 2015, California puts electric bicycles in the same category as conventional bikes. However, electric bicycles should not exceed the top speed of 28 mph. The electric motor should not be more powerful than 750W either. The electric bike should allow for the disengagement of the electric motor when the rider commands it. You don’t need a license and your two-wheeler doesn’t need to be registered to ride in California. However, you have to be at least 16 years old. Wearing a helmet for riders under 18 years old is mandatory.

Next, take some time to inspect your vehicle to ensure your ride will be safe and uneventful. Verify that the battery is fully charged. If you plan to ride until late, check that the LED lamps are functioning as they should. Inspect your e-bike visually for any sign of damage. Check that the brakes work properly. Take with you all the proper clothing and equipment for the weather conditions on the day of your ride. It is better to check the weather forecast to be well prepared in case of rain or excessive heat. Don’t forget to take plenty of water and some snacks for your ride.

After checking your e-bike thoroughly, you are ready to ride! Select your route among the top ten Californian bike routes and have fun.

1. Rincon Bike Trail, Ventura County

This trail connects the town of Carpinteria with Ventura. It is a fully protected bike path that offers incredible views of the coastline. You start your trip at Rincon State Park. The parking lot is usually considered the starting point there. Alternatively, you can ride from the town of Carpinteria. A highlight of the route is Rincon, a surf break where you can watch dolphins as you pass by.

Further, you’ll reach Highway 1. Don’t worry; this part of the route is safe. You can ride confidently on a wide bike lane. After more or less 10 miles, you’ll reach your final destination in downtown Ventura. The last part of the route is flat terrain, so you won’t have any problem completing the trip.

Notice that you won’t find any place to buy food or beverages along the route. Hence, you are advised to pack some snacks and water for your ride. Sideboxes come in handy here. It will be much more comfortable than carrying a backpack. The TOP 3.0 is designed to accommodate ample sideboxes to carry different items along the route. They are sold separately. Inquire your dealer about this option.

2. Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail, Lassen County

This 25-mile trail allows the rider to see amazing natural beauty. The route goes through a pine forest and follows the Susan River Canyon. The rider will cross 12 bridges. There are also 3 tunnels along the route. If you add the historical significance of the train depot Susanville, the result is a unique cycling route.

This route is a dirt and gravel trail, but it is not particularly challenging. However, you should be careful of equestrians that also use the trail. Bring water with you and proper clothing for the weather on the day of your ride. As a tip, consider visiting during autumn. In this season, you will be rewarded with incredible colorful scenery. You can ride during winter too. Make sure to equip your e-bike with proper tires and beware of cross-country skiers.

3. Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, Monterey County

This cycling trail follows the former Southern Pacific Railroad route. Riding on this trail is a wonderful experience, especially if you love the ocean. This 18-mile route takes you past sandy beaches, marinas, fishing piers, and parks. You will likely get the opportunity to see some marine wildlife like sea lions and whales along the trip. The route passes by the well-known Fisherman’s Wharf and Monterey Bay Aquarium. This route is quite popular, so you will share it with other bikers, skaters, and people walking.

4. The Strand, Los Angeles

This 22-mile route takes you from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance County Beach. Its official name is Marvin Braude Bike Trail, and it allows you to know the spirit of Los Angeles in a single ride. You’ll see beaches with their iconic volleyball courts and a fusion of colors everywhere. Nature and urban architecture merge seamlessly to provide breathtaking views along the trail. You’ll ride across some of the most emblematic neighborhoods of LA like Santa Monica and Redondo. There are restaurants and shops along this route, where you can stop for a snack. Bear in mind that the trail can be crowded on weekends.

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

5. Joe Rodota Bike Trail, Santa Rosa

This paved trail connects Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. It is one of the easiest cycling trails with 8.5 miles of flat terrain. The trail will take you across wetlands with hundreds of different animal species. Another attraction along the route is an abandoned railway line and three old trestle bridges. You can start cycling in Santa Rosa at the Prince Memorial Greenway. You complete the trip when you reach the intersection of Mill Station Road and Highway 116 in Sebastopol.

6. MacKerricher State Park, Mendocino County

This 10-mile route goes through the McKerricher State Park. The coastal trail follows the old “Haul Road'' from Glass Beach. While riding on this scenic trail, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature and spectacular landscapes. When you reach the rail bridge, you can stop for seal-watching. Make sure to take good binoculars to facilitate marine mammal viewing. We have a comprehensive guide for safe riding through American national parks.

7. West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

If you are a novice, this trail is a good alternative. It is just 3 miles long and the shortest on our list. However, this short route has a lot to offer. You’ll pass by a classic seaside amusement park in California, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Further, you will reach the lighthouse at Steamer Lane. From this point, you can watch surfers battling big waves. The path continues along Santa Cruz’s scenic coast. You’ll be able to spot migrating whales in spring and sea otters all year around.

Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

8. American River Trail, Sacramento

This 32-mile trail is the longest on our list. It follows the American River and takes the rider past lakes, parks, and swimming spots. It consists of flat terrain mostly. You’ll find plenty of water fountains and restrooms along the route. This trail goes from Sacramento’s old town to Folsom Lake. At the end of the trail, you can ride additional 12 miles around Lake Natoma if you wish.

9. Bayshore Bikeway, San Diego

This 17-mile paved trail will take you around San Diego Bay. The route consists of smooth and flat terrain almost in its entirety. The views of downtown San Diego along the route are spectacular. You will pass different sites including naval bases. In the afternoon, the coastal leg can be very windy. However, it is worthwhile riding late in the afternoon since this route is the best for sunset watching.

10. Hammond Trail, McKinleyville

This trail is 5.5 miles long along the Northern California coastline. This route offers a lot of adventure, history, and exceptional views. You will have the opportunity to watch marine wildlife and different species of birds along the route. There are several points from which you will have spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. P.S - better charge your phone and be ready to take a lot of photos.


California is a paradise for cycling. Now, you know 10 of the best routes to ride on your electric bike in the Golden State. To know more about beautiful and picturesque cycling routes, subscribe to the Delfast newsletter. Stay tuned!

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