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TOP-5 Rides In Canada

TOP-5 Rides In

Canada screams beautiful sights and picturesque trails. If you have an eBike, you’re lucky ‒ Canadian trails are perfect for taking a ride at any season. Some routes are really, really long ‒ you can challenge yourself to drive from A to Z, or to define some exact places you want to see along the way.
Whatever route you choose, you will be rewarded with wonderful sights and a good adventure. Charge your eBike, pack some snacks and go!

EBike laws in Canada

But first, you have to make sure you're riding legally. EBike regulations in Canada are different from the USA
Electric bikes are legal in all eight provinces with some restrictions: they can't move faster than 20MPH on motor power alone. Also, you must wear a helmet regardless of the province.
Age restrictions and licensing vary from province to province and rely mostly on eBike capabilities.

British Columbia: The Gulf Islands

Islands between mainland Canada and Vancouver are perfect both for off-road driving and for sightseeing trips. Each island has a variety of trails with different lengths and different levels of skill required. Explore beaches, parks, and enjoy the view.
You can travel between islands on a ferry which is quite convenient.

Dawson City, Yukon: Ridge Road Heritage

This one is a short trail, only about 20 miles long. It goes along the oldest Yukon road with the best historical sights around you. 
If you wonder how the first gold diggers in Canada traveled, this trail is perfect for a deep dive into regional history. Take your time, plan a few stops along the way to enjoy the view, or do a quick drive-through – either way, you'll love this trail!

Prince Edward Island

Now, this destination looks dreamy. Bike paths on the island allow you to explore picturesque villages as well as woods. 
You can also enjoy the coastline or peaceful hills of Prince Edward Island – no rush needed. This is a perfectly calm place where you'll want to take your time and explore every sight along your trail of choice. 

Québec: Green Route

This one is more of a huge network of bike paths that stretch for around 2500 miles. You can choose any route from this network and still get everything you crave on sightseeing trips. 
Routes are designed to have essential stops for cyclists – diners, shops, inns with parking, and a lot more.
The Green Route network is vast: it envelopes the whole Québec province and connects with routes from other regions.

Ontario: Niagara Region

This one is perfect for our fellow off-road trails enjoyers. If you want some vivid sights, you'll get these, too. Bike trails in the Niagara region foaling vineyards, meadows, and farms, providing you with perfect spots to take some pictures and enjoy some well-deserved rest.
Wherever you might travel on your eBike, make sure your route is well-planned and you're prepared for everything. This includes having your safety gear on, packing some supplies and snacks, and properly inspecting your eBike before you take a ride.

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