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Top-5 tips for a safe ride

Top-5 tips for a

Cycling is one of the most popular sports at the moment. Undeniably, the development of the electric bicycle has played an important role. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see these electric two-wheelers in the countryside or city. It makes sense: running costs for an e-bike are significantly lower than for other vehicles like cars and motorcycles. Along with the economical benefit, you shall consider other pros. Ebikes are environmentally-friendly, and mobile - you can ride wherever you want. We believe it is the vehicle of the future.

However, the responsibility of an e-bike owner is the same as those of owning a car or motorbike. These responsibilities comprise keeping your vehicle in good condition, ensuring rider’s safety, and following traffic rules. Also, when you ride an e-bike, you should take into account different factors to select the safest route. Some of these factors include weather, maintenance level, speed, and quality of the road surface. Don`t forget that it doesn`t matter what vehicle you are riding or driving, safety is your responsibility. 

Paying attention to all the factors above guarantees the integrity and reliability of your two-wheeler. In this article, we will discuss five tips to ensure safe rides. They consist of the checkups that you must run on your e-bike before you hit the road. Remember, whether you cycle for leisure, sport, or commuting, safety should always be your priority.

Top-5 tips for a safety check

The best way to keep your electric bicycle in good condition is to take it for regular maintenance to a specialized service center. However, before every outing, you can run a quick checkup on your own to ensure everything is in order. Don’t worry, it will take just a couple of minutes and you won’t need any special technical skills. The checkup can be broken down into 5 simple steps:

  • Check the brakes.
  • Check the wheels.
  • Check the lights.
  • Check the display.
  • Don`t forget your safety gear.

Now we’ll discuss each point in detail. All these tips will prevent your e-bike from breaking down in the middle of the route.

1. Check the brakes

Verifying the condition of the brakes is critical. The speed you can reach on an electric bike is much higher than you get by simply pedaling. Moreover, e-bikes are heavier than conventional pedal bikes. Hence, more braking force is needed to stop the motion of your electric two-wheeler.

Most modern electric bikes are fitted with disc brakes. These brakes are activated with a lever on the handlebar. When activated, a brake pad is pushed against a rotor toward the middle of the wheels.

To test the disc brakes, activate the left-hand brake lever first. Hold it firmly and try to move the e-bike forward and backward. Your two-wheeler should not move at all. Repeat the same procedure with the right-hand brake lever. In both cases, the brakes must hold your vehicle firmly. If they fail to do it, a professional e-bike mechanic must repair the brake system.

Also, verify whether the brakes engage immediately when you activate the levers. If they don’t, you need to take it to a service center, too. The force from each lever is transmitted to the braking pads via a steel cable or a fluid (hydraulic brake system). If the braking pads don’t press the disc as soon as you activate the lever, the cable is probably loose. Alternatively, in a hydraulic brake system, the brake fluid can be contaminated.

2. Check the wheels

First, make sure the pressure of the tires is within the value recommended by the manufacturer. Use a gauge to check it. If the pressure is fine, proceed to verify that the front wheel is firmly attached. To check it, you need to hold the handlebar with one hand. Then, with the other hand, try to move the wheel from side to side. The wheel should not move at all. Next, lift the front side of the e-bike and spin the front wheel. It should rotate freely, smoothly, and noiselessly. Repeat the operation with the rear wheel. If a wheel fails any of the above tests, you better take your e-bike to a professional mechanic for repair.

3. Check the lights

For safety rides during rainy weather or in the darkness, bright lights are a must. Your electric bike must have a bright front light, which will allow you to see the road ahead. It also needs a bright rear light so other vehicles on the road can see you from a distance. To reduce power consumption and battery depletion, our TOP 3 is equipped with powerful front and rear LED-lights for safe cruising even in the dark. Moreover, it also has turn signals to make you visible in all light conditions. In any case, turn all the lights on before you go out for a ride to make sure they’re working properly.

4. Check the display

The display is a very important component of your electric bike. It shows vital information for your ride like battery charge, speed, and distance traveled. That’s why the TOP 3.0 is fitted with a large display with indicators for every important parameter. Hence, before every ride, turn the display on and verify it is functioning. Inspect it to ensure it doesn’t have any damage to the screen.

5. Don`t forget about general safety

Last but not least, make sure you’re using the right safety gear for your ride. Always wear a helmet and choose safe routes according to your riding skill level. Plan every detail of your ride and make sure you take all the necessary provisions for the weather conditions of the day. We have a guide that will help you to ride safely in any weather condition. Adjust the saddle, mirrors, and handlebar the way you feel comfortable.

How to schedule your service check-ups

Your electric bicycle needs regular checkups and maintenance. So don't forget about professional service before the active riding season. An e-bike has additional systems like electronics that cannot be serviced by a regular bike mechanic. You can schedule these visits to the service center during winter or late autumn when your rides are fewer. Besides the electronics and electric systems, a qualified technician will check your e-bike for signs of metal fatigue.

Before you start a season of intense riding (summer, for example), take your two-wheeler to the service center for a thorough checkup. Bear in mind that preventing a malfunction will always be cheaper than a repair. So, consider professional checkups and maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.

Also, remember to always follow the traffic rules that apply to e-bike riding in your area. As a rule, cyclists must follow the same rules that apply to motorists. Always keep an eye on the road and be alert at all moments. When turning, use hand signals if your e-bike is not equipped with LED turn signals - the Delfast TOP 3.0 has them.


With proper maintenance and a quick checkup before every ride, you can be sure that you’ll spend many hours of fun with your electric bike. To make every outing with your two-wheeler a memorable experience, subscribe to the Delfast newsletter. Stay tuned to know everything in the first row. 

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