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Why Did Delfast Become Popular among Offroad Mountain Ebikes?

Why Did Delfast

Electric bicycles are changing the way people see cycling as a sport. Most cyclists, both hobbyists and professionals, usually show disdain for an electric bike (also known as an e-bike). A common misconception is that getting pedal assistance takes away the effort and fun of cycling. Thus, many of these cyclists don’t have a positive initial opinion of electric bicycles. Until they ride one. Then, they usually change their minds.

E-bikes are undeniably quite practical as a mode of transport. They bring a lot of advantages such as significant reductions in running costs (no fuel, no parking, and no road taxes). But, what do these vehicles have for enthusiast mountain bikers? They have a lot of fun to offer. Thanks to the pedal assistance, climbs are not as tough as they used to be. The result is that you can ride further and see places you probably wouldn’t reach without the help of an e-bike.

In principle, a properly designed e-bike can be of great help on steep, rocky, or in general rough terrain. Such a vehicle can open up trails that would be inaccessible to inexperienced mountain bikers. For experienced bikers, a good mountain off-road ebike can reduce the time to overcome challenging terrain, thereby extending the entire ride. But, with so many benefits, why haven’t all mountain bikers to electric bicycles yet? Some of the reasons are:

  • Electric bicycles are expensive
  •  In many cases, a battery charge doesn’t provide a long riding range
  • These vehicles are much heavier than conventional bicycles
  • Resale value can be low

As seen, electric bicycles have also disadvantages. For a mountain biker, the issue of a short riding range can be a deal-breaker. It wouldn’t be fun to be in the middle of nowhere with a fully depleted battery. Picture yourself in such a situation: exhausted, and with a heavy e-bike that you must ride by pedaling only.

The Mountain Off-Road Bike that Has It All

On the market, an electric bicycle that tackles the disadvantages listed above is available. It is the Delfast Top 3.0. This e-bike has become wildly popular as a mountain and off-road vehicle in the United States. Why so? Why such tremendous popularity? Let’s try to answer point by point to better understand the benefits of this innovative e-bike.

Sturdy Off-Road Electric Bicycle

The first reason for the Delfast Top 3.0’s popularity among mountain and off-road bikers is its sturdy construction. The frame is made of proprietary reinforced high-tensile steel, which gives it exceptional resistance to the elements. This vehicle can withstand all the harshness of the trail. Be it on rocky or muddy terrain, it will not stop assisting your pedaling. Equipped with motorcycle wheels, this e-bike will ride on every type of terrain without any problems. You can upgrade to Dirtcross 19 wheels for better performance in rough terrain.

Likewise, the Delfast Top 3.0 will perform well in practically all weather conditions. Don’t ever worry if you ride in intense sun or are caught in the rain. This machine will not let you down. Reliability is a top requirement for mountain and off-road bikers. The Delfast Top 3.0 is as reliable as it can be. No wonder this e-bike’s big popularity continues growing among American mountain cyclists.

Mountain Electric Bike with Full-Assist Mode

The Delfast Top 3.0 features a pedal-assist mode like practically all of the electric bicycles on the market. However, unlike most e-bikes, it also includes other power modes, including a full-assist mode. This mode is one of the favorites of the mountain and off-road bikers. When you are exhausted and need a break, you can switch to the said full-assist mode. All the mechanical power delivered by the motor will come to your rescue. This feature allows you to continue your ride even when your pedaling force is lacking.

Long Range with a Single Battery Charge

If you are taking your electric bike for an off-road ride, you want it to go as far as possible, don’t you? This is not a problem with the Delfast Top 3.0. It provides a range that far exceeds all competitors’ capabilities. This is another reason why this e-bike has become so popular in the United States. With a single battery charge, you can go along very long trails without worrying.

This feature is good for all types of cyclists, not only for off-road and countryside enthusiasts. You can use the Top 3.0 for commuting or riding in the city. It doesn’t matter how big your city is. Rest assured this electric bike will provide the needed range. For city rides, you can upgrade the wheels to the City 24 model. Thus, whether for off-road or city rides, you can count on the largest range available on the market with the Top 3.0.

Efficient Battery for Top Performance

To a large extent, the success of Top 3.0 comes from the use of a highly efficient battery. Unlike most e-bikes on the market, Delfast has chosen to use a 72 V battery. This allows for the use of a more powerful motor. Moreover, the quality of the battery translates into cost-effectiveness. The battery used in the Top 3.0 can be recharged up to 3 thousand times. This is threefold the number of recharge cycles of the best batteries used in other e-bikes. Most importantly, the battery has the capacity to store a large charge to assist the cyclist for a larger range in comparison to competitors.

The Popularity of this Electric Bicycle Will Continue Growing

At the time of writing, the Top 3.0 is the most popular electric bicycle in America. Besides its many unique technical characteristics, this vehicle is fairly priced. In comparison to other electric bike alternatives for the off-road and mountain biker, the Top 3.0 retail price is much lower. Thus, more and more people will be able to buy and enjoy this fine piece of engineering. Due to its very large popularity, the resale value of this vehicle will not drop so quickly. There will be many eager buyers if you ever decide to sell your Top 3.0.


In light of all the benefits, there is no reason to delay the purchase of your Delfast Top 3.0. Join the group of many fortunate cyclists that already use this vehicle for off-road, mountain, or city rides. This electric bicycle has become extremely popular thanks to a combination of functionality, reliability, high performance, good aesthetics, and excellent price. Won’t you partake in the fun of riding the most popular e-bike in America? Don’t think it twice. Get the Top 3.0 and see by yourself why so many people have chosen this e-bike for their cycling adventures.

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