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Why Do You Need eBike Insurance

Why Do You Need

Let’s face it: eBikes are different in terms of maintenance from regular bicycles. And just like with a good bicycle or even a car, anytime there’s an issue with your eBike, it’s more likely you’ll want professionals to take care of it instead of doing it yourself. And if something bad happens to your eBike, you want to make sure you’ve got it covered.

Sure, most companies have quite strict criteria lists for insurance payouts, but in the long run, having insurance for your eBike is definitely a good and necessary thing.

In this article, we’ll try to prove this point ‒ both from legal and practical points of view.

Do you legally need the insurance?

According to the eBike laws in most states, you aren’t obliged to insure your eBike. The only exceptions are:

  • New Mexico ‒ all eBikes must have insurance;
  • New Jersey ‒ class 3 eBikes must have the insurance, but if you’re driving Delfast TOP 3.0, you’re not obliged to get one;
  • North Dakota, West Virginia ‒ eBikes are equal to other motorized vehicles and, therefore, also need insurance. 

Wherever you are, your best and safest option would be to check with your local transport authorities.

Why do you really need to insure your eBike

It doesn’t matter whether you use your eBike strictly for day-to-day commuting or for long trips ‒ all that matters is your safety, including the financial one. You might think that your home insurance covers your eBike, too, since it belongs to your household, but most providers strictly limit this option. 

Over time, your beloved two-wheeler will require maintenance. It’s inevitable and not that dramatic ‒ just the reality. In the long run, insurance can save you a lot of money, especially if you use your eBike quite frequently. 

Your first reason to buy an insurance package is simple: things like eBike theft or damage can occur. If you live in a big city, you need a good insurance policy that will include your eBike either like a property or like a transport (depending on the local laws) to protect your budget. You can protect your eBike and your budget from theft! Sadly, it happens, and it’s always unexpected ‒ at least with insurance, you have compensation.

And if your eBike gets damaged either by an accident or consciously by someone, every repair will be covered with your insurance.

If you use your eBike for daily commuting, your lifestyle most likely depends on it. Some people even manage to replace their cars with eBikes! But things happen, and if your electric bike is temporarily unavailable due to ongoing repairs or even if it was stolen, a good insurance policy can save you from a lot of stress. A lot of companies offer you packages that include bike replacements so you won’t have any problems with comfortable transportation. With insurance like that, you can safely leave your TOP 3.0 at the nearest eBike workshop and get a replacement until your eBike is ready.

Another reason you might want to invest in eBike insurance is your money. It’s only logical: paying for insurance is hundreds of times cheaper than buying a new eBike in case your old one gets stolen or irreparably broken. It’s a money-saving move you might want to consider right after buying your eBike.

In some really rare cases, cyclists get injured during their rides. And while things like that rarely occur, it’s always safer to have insurance covering your possible injuries. You can’t predict when things like that can happen and having a financial backup when you need it the most is really important. Your recovery after any accident will be covered with little to no money to pay out of pocket for medical assistance ‒ that’s a good chance for you to focus on your recovery rather than worry about money.

Some insurance packages also include the coverage of any legal fees in cases if the road accident was someone else’s fault and you’re going to court. Stay confident and worry less about covering your legal spending. Even if the fault for the accident is yours (busy streets and big cities are unpredictable this way), bike insurance can compensate your spending for third-party liability. Either way, having insurance for your electric bike can be crucial if you’re using this kind of transport regularly.

And finally, having insurance allows you to ride more comfortably. When you know you have this kind of backup, you’re always less worried to try out new trails or go on a big trip. You also stop worrying about saving some extra money for serious repairs and thus, you can drive easier.

Basically, if you want to save your money and always have an electric bike by your side, eBike insurance is definitely your thing. All you have to do is to find a company that works with eBikes and covers for most situations you’re worried about. Also, you can check what criteria have to be met for a payout ‒ this way, you’ll be sure that if anything goes wrong you still have everything taken care of. It’s worth it!


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