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Why electric bike sales boosted during the pandemic?

Why electric bike

The lockdown during the pandemic negatively affected many businesses worldwide. However, not all of them. Electric bikes sales have boosted starting from February 2020. Moreover, the United States has been experiencing huge bicycles shortage struggling to meet the increased demand. 

The majority of people were left alone with no jobs or alternative income, having no other choice but tightening their purse strings. Nonetheless, e-bikes has been the only way to stay active, have some fresh air outside while keeping the distance from other people, as advised by social distancing regulations. 

People were in need to adjust to new way of living and electric bikes happened to be the truly cost efficient and safe mode of transportation. Especially, considering the fact that public transit is not available at the moment in the majority of counties. And even when the quarantine is over, how safe will it be to use the public transport again? 

When compared to cars or any other vehicle that needs fuel, electric bikes can save thousands in one’s family budget.  In fact, the electric bike is the great alternative and it has been appreciated to the fullest during the pandemic. 

In the very beginning of the quarantine, Delfast faced the delays in production and logistics.  The demand for e-bikes was rising, while our team merely could not promise much to the clients. Yet, Delfast patently turned the crisis into the unique opportunity to grow. The team took all the possible measures to support the customers in need of a alternative transportation. 

We should not forget about the role of the electric bikes in the increased need for delivery workers. During the self-isolation couriers transferring food and other products and orders to the door was the only safe way for some people to get the much needed goods. In fact, in some cities leaving house just for the groceries shopping might have been way too dangerous. 

Delfast is happy that the eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and appreciated. We genuinely believe that they will be seeing more electric bikes  and bike commuting per se in the cities worldwide this summer. Delfast team is ready to assist and support first-time bikers too.

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