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Winter Is Coming: Four Seasons Riding

Winter Is Coming:

Winter is around the corner and we all get in a festive mood. However, for some cyclists, it is time to store their two-wheeled vehicles away. It shouldn’t be like that. Imagine the winter fairytale with fluffy snow and you enjoying the ride… You surely don’t want to miss those breathtaking snowy landscapes. We’ve already covered summer and autumn e-bike riding in our previous posts. Now, it is time to discuss some tips for the winter. Let’s begin!

Why Should You Try Riding in Winter?

Besides idyllic snowy landscapes, winter represents cold, long nights, stormy weather, and rough roads. Such conditions put off some cyclists. Even walking outside in freezing temperatures is not so appealing, let alone cycling.  But with proper preparation, you can continue riding your electric bike in wintertime. Even if the road is full of snow and the day is cold and dark, it will be possible to have fun on two wheels. And you can keep yourself active and fit. Most importantly, you will marvel at the natural beauty of the winter season.

Tips for Winter Riding

Riding your electric bike in winter is like nothing you have experienced before. It is challenging and exciting at the same time. To make your e-biking experience more enjoyable, observe the following tips for you and your vehicle.

  •         Appropriate clothing. Winters can be harsh. Therefore, before you hit the road, you should wear proper clothes to keep yourself warm outside. Check the weather forecast to select the pieces of clothing you need for your ride. To effectively defend yourself against the chill, wear several layers of clothes. In this way, you’ll be able to control your body temperature more easily along the way. Don’t forget gloves and a scarf to feel more comfortable so you can keep riding.
  •         Get ready for the ride. You shouldn’t store your e-bike in the garage the entire winter as some people recommend.. The majority of electric bicycles can function well in below-freezing temperatures if you make the proper preparations. Most importantly, take a good care of the battery, protect the metallic parts from rust, and use winter tires. With fat tires, you can ride on top of deep snow. To prevent rust, avoid riding through slush, which usually contains salt. To ensure that no salt remains, clean your e-bike thoroughly after every riding. Make sure the battery is fully charged at the beginning of your ride. Always check the weather forecast and plan a safe route accordingly. It should be accessible and include a few stops for snacks, water, and a hot drink.
  •         Check the e-bike. Besides equipping your electric bike with winter tires, you should ensure it is ready to withstand winter roads. Fenders are necessary to prevent water and slush from reaching the inner parts of your vehicle. Use powerful lights for foggy and evening rides. Remember that daylight hours are fewer in wintertime. Bear in mind that the range provided by the battery will decrease with temperature. You can find more tips on how to take care of the battery in winter in this post.
  •         Our best tip. Your safety on the road should be your biggest concern. Don’t ride your electric bike during blizzards or extremely low temperatures. In wintertime, roads can be very slippery. Therefore, ride at moderate speed to prevent accidents and falls. Remember to choose safe trails (it applies to all seasons!).

Ready for Riding Your e-Bike in Winter?

If you follow the tips above, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with your two-wheeler in wintertime. The Delfast TOP 3.0 is perfectly suitable for riding in this season. For more guides on e-bike riding, subscribe to the Delfast newsletter. Stay tuned!


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