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Electric Bike Accessories and Gadgets to Improve Your Ride

Electric Bike

Riding an electric bicycle is a lot of fun! But you can make it even more enjoyable by equipping your two-wheeled vehicle with accessories for extra comfort and functionality. Delfast parts shop offers cool accessories to take your e-biking experience to a whole new level. The Delfast TOP 3.0 ebike is compatible with the best accessories and gadgets.

Side Boxes

If you need to carry an extra load on your e-bike, side boxes come in handy. They usually have more room than a regular backpack. And they are much more comfortable and convenient. You can store all sorts of items in these side boxes. Delfast offers two options:

Phone/Navi Holder

A smartphone is an integral part of almost every person’s life nowadays. It’s hard to picture yourself without your smartphone for a long time, uh? But calling and texting while you ride your e-bike is a bad (and dangerous!) idea. However, you can use your smartphone as a navigator to assist your ride. All you need is a stable and sturdy holder for your smartphone. Delfast offers a high-quality phone/navigator holder that attaches firmly to the handlebar. It provides a perfect view angle for anyone. Shop now! 

Universal Seatpost

When you need to carry an extra load that doesn’t fit inside side boxes, a universal seat post is a perfect solution. At our parts store, you can find a high-quality universal seat post that works as a mount for luggage carriers, side boxes, and extra saddles.


Now, there are no obstacles to conquer the most exciting routes with your electric bike! You can bring your two-wheeler wherever you go with the new Delfast Carrier. This accessory allows you to transport your electric bike easily on the back of your car.

The Delfast carrier is made from durable steel for superior durability. It has a great load-bearing capacity of up to 500 lb. It can carry your Delfast TOP 3.0 effortlessly. The carrier is safe and stable, keeping your e-bike securely mounted even on bumpy roads. Shop now! 

Make Every Ride More Enjoyable!

With the accessories described above, you can make every ride more pleasant! Especially in the wintertime. For more articles about e-bike maintenance and riding lifestyle, please subscribe to the Delfast newsletter. Stay tuned!

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