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NYC Urban guide

NYC Urban guide

New York City is magical both for citizens and tourists. These streets breathe freedom and urban beauty ‒ once you’re in NYC, you just have to feel it. And you can! Get your eBike ready, put on your helmet, grab some snacks, and see what this beautiful city has in store for you.

There are plenty of bike-friendly streets and routes, and local eBike laws are very liberal. In fact, exploring NYC is way better than doing it on your feet or using public transportation. With your two-wheeler, you have a chance to properly see the urban beauty of New York City and get the best impression of these streets and famous avenues.

Are electric bikes illegal in NYC?

But first, laws. As we’ve mentioned previously, NYC has pretty liberal eBike laws. We’ll take Delfast TOP 3.0 as a good example of Class 2 eBike:

  • has a maximum speed of 20 MPH;
  • can be operated on human power alone;
  • has a maximum electric motor power of 750W.

Class 2 eBikes are allowed on all streets and trails with a little exception for National Parks ‒ there, you have to check in with park laws individually.

You don’t need a license or a registration for your eBike in NYC. Electric bikes are fully legal in NYC, so don’t wait too long and start exploring!

Safety must-haves

Riding in urban areas comes with the need to stay alert. You have to mind everything in your surroundings ‒ other riders, parked cars, pedestrians, intersections. New York is a busy city with millions of people crossing the streets either on their feet or using their personal transport. You have to play by the same traffic rules that everyone else plays by. And yes, you can get a ticket for their violation, so be extra careful on the road. Use your lights, stay aware of your surroundings, and don’t ride on sidewalks, don’t exceed the speed limit.

Also, you really need a helmet. Although it's not required by the law for people older than 13, it's in your best interest to wear one. The reason is obvious — your personal safety. New York is a big city with sometimes unexpected traffic, so it's really better to use some safety gear. Besides, ebike is illegal in NYC to ride while using earbuds or a phone unless it's on the holder. As we said, stay alert at all times.

Our favorite NYC trails

We’ll start with the Manhattan loop. This one is going to be hard on your legs if you won't use the pedal assist, but still, this loop holds the spirit of the old New York.

You will see the best parts of lower Manhattan, starting from the ferry terminal. This is a great route to choose: a lot of picturesque sights, eBike-friendly infrastructure, and quite a few places to stop for snacks. Also, you'll get to cross the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and see more of Brooklyn. The only disadvantage of this route is a bit of a struggle to make your way to the Westside – construction sites and traffic can make you look for detours. Other than that, you'll get to enjoy the best views in this city, including sunsets over the Hudson River.

Speaking of the Hudson River, you'll definitely love the Hudson River Greenway. It goes for about 12 miles – the perfect distance for a sightseeing trip. You can already guess that this route mostly focused on the views surrounding the Hudson River area. You'll also get plenty of beautiful stops to get some much-needed rest – from Fort Tryon Park to the nice spot near George Washington bridge.

Looking for something longer? 18 miles from Pier 84 to the City Island will take you all the way from Manhattan to the Bronx. You'll get to enjoy some rest in Bronx Park, check out some beautiful views from many bridges, notice the magic of old Victorian mansions, and, finally, catch a few peaceful minutes on City Island. This particular trail is not so popular among tourists, so you'll feel the freedom of riding these 18 miles almost uninterrupted, except for some busy places in Manhattan.

New York City can't be fully explored in a day or two. You'll definitely want to see more of this beautiful city, and these routes will help you find the best sights and get some sweet memories. 
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